Monday, May 18, 2009

SWF Looking for Redline Love

According to the Examiner & the DCist, I should probably be walking to work.

Apparently, a new survey shows that DC Metro riders have a median income of $102,110, while Metrobus riders' median income is a paltry $69,620. And by "paltry," I mean, "That median bus-riding income is about twice what I make."

Anyone have a bike I can borrow, or something? Better yet, anyone know where I can meet one of the crazy-wealthy men who frequents DC's public transportation system? I guess I've been doing the right thing by hoping to encounter my beloved along the redline.

The Return of My Weakness for Foods Involving Awkwardly Placed Bacon

I just started reading Cleveland's a Plum, who's clearly from my neck of the woods & who visited DC last weekend. As I started perusing her most recent posts, I was absolutely bowled over to find this photo:

Basically, right now I want nothing more from my life than to drink a Bloody Mary from Bar Pilar, where I've never been. Why? Obviously because IT COMES WITH BACON GARNISH. I don't even like Bloody Marys (I don't think), but for bacon garnish, I could probably talk myself into it.

I know bacon-loving is, like, the newest weird, trendy food obsession, but I gotta be up front about this: I just love me some bacon. To be fair, I don't really love it in strips because bacon fat is, I think, the grossest thing ever, & I have zero desire to look at or ingest it. But as you may have read here (bacon waffle!) & here (bacon chocolate!), I definitely appreciate bacon in its non-strip forms. However, I realize that the Bar Pilar Bloody Mary comes with a bacon
strip of garnish, & I've vowed not to discriminate against forms of my beloved food this time - I want to try this drink, stat.

Oh, & I also want to try Bar Pilar's $7 pancake sandwich. I can only assume this is some extravagant, fancy McGriddle, & my arteries are already screaming in pain, but my taste buds... Ohhh, my taste buds.

(Dear Mom: If you post an "anonymous" comment reminding me of the size-smaller-than-my-body bridesmaid dress I need to fit in by September, I will not call you for a week. You've been warned.)


Yes, you heard me: RUN-DMC IS EVERYWHERE.

No, this post was not written in 1985. I mean it! I first saw Mr. DMC himself on this sign - or least saw him insinuated - about a week ago. (That sentence is SO incorrect, but if you can forgive me, I know you know what I mean.) I dig the Obamafied thing - notice that the artist has dropped the "M." Those clever urban artists.

After that, it was like learning a new word - you know, add it to your mental vocab Rolodex one day & then hear it spoken in conversation the very next day. A day or so later, I spotted this fly tee shirt on the Metro. By "fly" I mean, "I'm sort of bizarrely envious of the balls this girl has displayed by wearing this ratty old Run-DMC tee on the DC Metro at 9 a.m., when everyone else is in suits &, oh yeah, I really wish I were currently dressed similarly in the old-school Sex Pistols shirt I somehow obtained from Pop Culture Philosopher's uncle." Huh.

I was thinking that two Run-DMC spottings weren't really blogworthy, but then, whaddaya know, there's my fellow Washingtonian The Pumpernickel blogging about Run-DMC's recent visit to our nation's capital, where he engaged in an impromptu rap session with Mayor Adrian Fenty. Fine, Run_DMC is now blogworthy.


I love it. Also, on a legit & philanthropic note, DMC's apparently in town to help raise awareness of & funds for the District's foster care system. More here, from the Washington Post's D.C. Wire, "The Hip-Hop Mayor?:"

[DMC] will be in the District for the next two days, visiting children and filming an ad for the city's foster care program, made possible with a $100,000 donation from Freddie Mac Foundation.

The city's Child and Family Services Agency, long troubled by a backlog and other problems, has access to 1,224 license foster homes, but only 438 are within the city's borders.

Fenty said the city's goal is to have at least 500 D.C. homes within 18 months, and the campaign will get the word out.

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