Craft + Afternoon = Crafternoon!

Monday, May 11, 2009

One of my favorite aspects of living in D.C. is meeting truly interesting, unique people who do truly fabulous things, even on the small, Sunday-afternoon scale.

Case in point: I spent a good chunk of yesterday at Wild & Crazy Pearl's 26th birthday event. Sounds basic, right? Well, while your basic 20-somethings spend their birthdays imbibing & engaging in celebratory spirits, my lovely new friend over at W&CP chose something much, much classier - & much craftier! Her
Crafternoon Birthday Spectacular comprised about 30 folks of varying ages, genders & backgrounds hanging out in her whimsical Dupont apartment, where we engaged in a lovely little crafternoon (craft + afternoon, duh), complete with cupcakes from the love of my miniture-cake-loving life, Hello Cupcake.

Karen Kormondy, former owner of the now-defunct DC craft store Ipso Crafto, gave the group a quick lesson in the art of decoupage (in which I am fairly well-versed & about which I am ever-enthusiastic), & we quickly dug in to the table she'd set up of pre-cut magazine-page goodies to plaster to wooden picture frames.

I hope the birthday girl won't mind that I've lifted a few of her Flickr photos to better tell the story of our crafternoon. Without futher ado, a brief visual ous getting our craft on:

Birthday girl gives us the low-down pre-crafting

That's me in the grey & my friend Allison at the end of the table in black, beginning our projects with some of the birthday girl's other friends. Notice how intense everyone looks!

We also learned that clapping makes for jubilant photos.

My friend/coworker Jill, mid-craft

I'm pretty hardcore, I know.

Final products!


  1. Cool. I have also taken leaves and feathers (that I found, not that I plucked) and shaved the quills to flatten them, then decoupaged them onto little boxes which I also lined inside with felt and gave as gifts. One friend who lost her spouse is keeping little reminders of their time together in one of these boxes I made. The point being, they seem to be a big hit in the gift department.

  2. Um, kick ass. I want a crafternoon party. STAT. Too bad all my friends in DC work 80+ hours/week so the rare weekend when they DO have off, they actually want to celebrate with drinking (except that nobody can coordinate weekends off, so it never works out).

  3. My friend Riki and I are making collages as I type. I do love craft projects :)

  4. Oh, that looks like so much fun! I've been crafty for years (especially decoupage), but never thought of doing a crafternoon!

  5. YAY! I love everything about this post and these comments. Thanks for your kind words, for celebrating with me, and for being a blogging inspiration.

  6. Sounds like a delightful way to spend an afternoon... and though it may not be ribald enough for Urban Dictionary, I love the coining of that phrase.

  7. I'm glad you were pleased with the project! I've never seen a group so focused and enthused about decoupage :) Enjoy your lovely frame


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