Makin' Do With What I Got (Which is NOT a Kitchen)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I was pretty thirsty tonight. I typically keep a gallon jug of water in my fridge because my DC tap water is often bordering on opaque, but I can't use a Brita because, as you may recall, I don't have a kitchen & therefore don't have a kitchen sink, which means I only have a bathroom sink - & a Brita won't fit in it. Yes, I realize this is a little embarrassing, but it's not as embarrassing as having to drain my pasta in the toilet, OK?

Anyway, tonight I got thirsty, & I decided I was willing to risk the opaque water to quench that thirst. Next problem? I have no cups. I've been using disposable cups for... well, ever, basically, or at least since I moved here, because I hate washing dishes in aforementioned bathroom sink. I know, I know, the environment hates me - but in all fairness, those disposable cups are only for guests (which are rare), because I am classy enough to drink my gallon water right out of that gallon container.

ANYWAY, I ran out of cups. And I was dismayed to discover that the only mug I have is pretty skanky right now because I guess I let something grow in there. (Also embarrassing.) So I did what any sane, creative, thirsty, kitchenless person would do - I drank a "glass" of sink water, ice cubes & all, from a Tupperware bowl.

Ahhh, that's better.


  1. once again -- gaross...

  2. If Anon thinks that's gross, they definitely shouldn't read about my resourcefulness when it comes to TP. You done well, my child.

  3. You're almost MacGyver. It wasn't gross. It was resourceful.


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