A Very Fala-filling Day

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I didn't realize how much I loved falafel.

I've never been to Israel, where apparently falafel is as common as, say, peanut butter & jelly is in the US - but sold on more street corners.

I also didn't try falafel until I was... I want to say about 21, which is fairly recently. I'd never heard of it, & listen, falafel seems pretty foreign & hippie-esque to a girl who counts Kraft macaroni & cheese & the entire Applebee's menu among her favorite foods. (Yeah, insert Midwesty Crapplebee's joke here, jerks.)

But I really, really love falafel. A lot. And I was reminded of this glorious fact on Saturday night, when a gaggle of my friends & I left an Adam's Morgan party to make a late-night falafel run at Amsterdam Falafelshop. Their website says "Simply, the best falafel," & while I dont know why that errant comma exists after "simply," I otherwise agree -- though that's also probably not saying much, given everything I've just told you about my lack of passport stamps (OK, I don't even have a passport) & my culinary palette. It's basically a falafel bar, where you pick a size (three balls or five) & a pita (white or wheat) then go to town with your choice of fillings. I'm pretty unadventurous (um, surprise), so I always go with hot pepper flakes, hummus, cucumbers & parsley - & I am never dissatisfied. They don't have plates or forks, either, so it's all finger food - & a lot of napkins, as evidenced in the photos provided below.

I hit up Amsterdam Falafel again this evening with my friend Jill, & this food was even better when I was stone sober. Bet you've never said that about a late-night pizza joint!

And then, wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles, I returned home tonight to find a package on my proverbial doorstep (or set right inside my apartment so it isn't stolen, because my front desk receptionist likes me a lot & has a master key). Inside the package? FALAFEL!!! I forgot that I won a Pesach giveaway from Pop Judaica last month - & the prize was a bunch of Manischewitz swag, including chicken soup, bread crumbs, matzoh ball mix & falafel mix.

Now who wants to let me borrow their kitchen?


  1. won't you have one of your own soon?

  2. I can't believe you hadn't been there before! That is ALWAYS my drunk late-night stop when I'm out in AM. There is nothing better... not jumbo slice, not enchiladas, NOTHING!!!


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