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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lately, I've been feeling a little bit insecure about my blog. I've begun reading other DC bloggers, & while I enjoy the sense of community, it may be messing my game up a bit. I feel like my blog is, somehow, different from the rest - it's pretty impersonal, almost solely based on the awkward photos I take around the city, & even those have been down lately, as I've done little more than work, watch TV, sleep, repeat, which leaves little room for awkward-spotting.

I'd been thinking of trying to join the blogger fray by partaking in TMI Thursday, started by Live It, Love It (also known as LiLu), & participated in by the likes of DC blogstars Plight of the Pumpernickel and Franco Beans. The gist of TMI Thursday is, basically, exactly as it sounds - you tell an embarrassing story, one that's posisbly "too much information" for your readers.

But it's not working for me. I've been thinking about it for a month or so now, & I just can't bring myself to blog about bad sex or public farts or nose-picking or blow jobs or any of the other things that some of my blogging faves opt to tell all about every Thursday. It's just not my thing; it's not working for me. Here are the three reasons why:

  1. I'm rarely embarrassed. I was a shy kid, & I spent the majority of my childhood years being embarrassed - of everything. I was sometimes known as the girl who laughed at anything/everything, which was only because laughing seemed like a decent way to deflect constant humilitation. Now that I'm an adult - a fairly un-shy adult, at that - I use making others laugh as a way to deflect potential embarrassment, & it works pretty darn well for me.

  2. I have the worst memory ever. Even when I try to think of times I've been embarrassed, I can't come up with anything good. Is this because I'm rarely embarrassed or because my memory sucks? Which came first?

  3. I tend to blog about my rare embarrassments as they happen. For examples, see some of these gems:
Oh, & also, excuse #4: I'm typically too busy watching "Grey's Anatomy" to dedicate time to crafting an in-depth Thursday post of any sort.

So, in closing, I will continue to blog about my embarrassing moments when & if they happen, & if I feel them appropriate for a blog read my both my grandmother & my boss. In the meantime, I leave you with someone elses's embarrassment:


  1. I totally agree with you... I won't even touch some of the things some tmi'ers post about. And yes, I know my mother, grandfather, and boss(es) read my blog. This is why I propose we unite in our shared sense of propriety and start (t)TMI Thursdays ... theoretically Too Much Information Thursdays... where we wax philosophical about the outrages that are possible in the theoretical life of a theoretical blogger.


  2. yeah, I would have been watching Grey's, but about 100 miles east of us there was a tornado spotted in a FARM area so they had to literally have a STORM TRACK the WHOLE HOUR OF GREY'S. They might be able to replay it tomorrow with permission from abc. You can imagine the calls and emails the station got. You really just took the 100th episode of Grey's to track a storm that no one in that viewing area can probably watch?!

    whew. sorry. a bit bitter. haha.

  3. Ha! I'm watching Grey's right now as I read this ;-)

    TMI is all about whatever it means to you, and you've nailed that here, my dear. Happy TMIT!

  4. I'm with LiLu. I've cheated -- is "cheated" even the right word? -- a lot, I think. I even had a TMI post be no more than a vlog by me because I thought the exposure of that was more info than I'd usually give. I think the trick is pushing your limits, not necessarily your tastes, whatever they are.


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