I'm Not Happy Unless I'm Doing These 3 Things Every Single Week

Monday, September 16, 2019

Remember how I didn't read any books in August? And how I haven't written, like, any blog posts this summer? Well, those two deficits are related - related, that is, to a larger theme of my very busy summer & the lessons I'm learning from it.

There are three things I did none or almost-none of in August:

I Tried Cupping - & Maybe You Should, Too

Friday, September 6, 2019

I've wanted to try cupping ever since I first saw those weird, circular marks on Michael Phelps's back during the Olympics in 2016. I've tried massage, obviously, & I saw an acupuncturist with some regularity when I lived in New Hampshire, but nothing seems to give me satisfactory or lasting relief for my ongoing back pain.

A few months ago, I got a massage at Studio 888, a relatively new wellness studio in my neighborhood owned by Dawn St. Leone, a licensed massage therapist. It was a great experience - soothing, relaxing, & professional - but it still didn't provide me the depth of relief I hope for, by no fault of Dawn's. I just have a tricky body, I think. Bummer.

Just 3 Small Goals for September: Wiping the Slate Clean

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

I'm going totally rogue this month. First, I admitted to you that I read a whopping zero books in August, & now I'm admitting that I accomplished basically none of my monthly goals - for the second month in a row. Instead of listing them here & explaining myself & feeling bad, though, I'm just going to set some new ones & move forward.

August 2019: My (Accidental) Month Without Books

Sunday, September 1, 2019

On the first day of every month for the last two+ years, I've published a blog post reviewing everything I read in the month before. This month, August 2019, will mark my first time not doing that since I first started way-back-when.

I didn't finish a single book last month.

I thought about not writing a post about it. Why call attention to my failure to finish? Why admit to people that I played too many iPhone games & listened to too many podcasts & watched too many episodes of Bachelor in Paradise to finish a single freaking book?

And then I thought: But why not?

All the Garlicky Things I Ate at the Cleveland Garlic Festival

Tuesday, August 27, 2019


I cannot fathom how there are people out there who don't like the taste of garlic. I get not liking the lingering garlic aftertaste of garlic that sticks around, like, forever, but disliking the taste of garlic itself? That's beyond me. Truly.

Each summer, the North Union Farmers Market hosts its annual fundraiser, the Cleveland Garlic Festival, in Shaker Heights, just outside the Cleveland city limits. My friend Brittany was in town for the weekend, & she was more than happy to hit up this quirky festival with me for the first time.

Please? What We Did with 48 Hours in Cincinnati

Friday, August 23, 2019

Cincinnati is just under four hours away, but neither Mike nor I has ever spent much time there. My aunt, uncle, & cousin live there, & so I've visited them in the suburbs a few times, but I've only been to downtown Cincinnati once - just two months after Mike & I started dating! 

We decided to do a quick weekend trip to visit the fam & check out the city, though we arrived late Friday night, which really only left Saturday for exploring. I think we made the most of it, though, & the kind folks at the Cincinnati USA Convention & Visitors Bureau helped out by sending along some ideas & hooking us up with some adventures.  

How I Psych Myself Up to Conduct Interviews for a Magazine

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

I am terrified of speaking on the phone - which has never been a great quality for a writer to have. In fact, it's the reason I became a writer & not a reporter, why I work in social media instead of, say, public relations: I am great behind a laptop, but put a receiver in my hand (OK, or a cell phone, it's 2019), & I start shaking in my boots.

In recent months, though, I've started to take on more freelance writing work, & more freelance writing means more freelance reporting. And you know what that means: more phone calls.

Recently, I've identified a few key elements of my pre-interview routine, things that help calm me in moments when I might otherwise feels panicky. Some people have asked me what it's like to conduct interviews, so I thought I'd share! Before interviews I...

My Ideal Morning Routine (If I Woke Up in Time for One)

Monday, August 19, 2019

I feel like people are always talking about their "mourning routine" - & can I be honest? I don't have one. I don't wake up in time to have one. Living with two different sleep disorders means that I sleep whenever I can, as much as I can, & I often wake up late, at the very last minute, before I need to get my day started.

This mooostly works for my lifestyle, but I know it wouldn't work for everyone - & again, if I'm being honest, there are times when I'd like to figure out how to wake up earlier, on a regular basis, so that I can better implement a little bit of structure & routine into my mornings.

For now, I'm just focused on going to sleep & waking up at "normal" hours (more on that in a future blog post), but if I ever get there, well, here's the ideal morning routine I'd like to cultivate.

Colors of Cancer: Why I'm Wearing White This September (& How You Can Help)

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

I was 10 years old when my funny, witty, loving father, David Bigam, died after a long fight with lung cancer.

I was 28 years old when my brilliant, strong, talented grandmother, Jeanne Goldman, died after a brief battle with lung cancer.

That same year, my perseverant, compassionate, & kind-hearted friend Elissa Froman died after years of Hodgins Lymphoma.

Elissa preferred not to use words like "fight" or "battle" to describe her experience, but she did, indeed, fight like hell.

They all did.

At 35, a Reflection: On Living a Big Life in a Small City

Monday, August 12, 2019

I always wanted to lead a big life. I wanted to live in a big city & do big things & maybe (now this is the Leo in me talking) be a little bit famous. I always felt like I had it in me, like I could hit it big in some way, whether I became a writer or ended up on a reality TV show or... who knows, really. I didn't even know; I just knew that I wanted a big life, & I felt like I was ripe for it.

One week ago, I turned 35, & my friend Rebecca, who was visiting from Brooklyn, asked me how I've been feeling about my life. What am I proud of accomplishing? Is there anything I feel like I should've already accomplished by now?  What life do I have versus the kind of life that I want?
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