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Monday, May 18, 2009

According to the Examiner & the DCist, I should probably be walking to work.

Apparently, a new survey shows that DC Metro riders have a median income of $102,110, while Metrobus riders' median income is a paltry $69,620. And by "paltry," I mean, "That median bus-riding income is about twice what I make."

Anyone have a bike I can borrow, or something? Better yet, anyone know where I can meet one of the crazy-wealthy men who frequents DC's public transportation system? I guess I've been doing the right thing by hoping to encounter my beloved along the redline.

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  1. My suggestion would be...keep riding the metro (and make friends with the cute, wealthy men). Or you could be green, go to Target, buy an inexpensive bicycle and make some extra cash by being a messenger (for the cute, wealthy mens' companies).


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