The WMATA Marathon, Every Day at the Cleveland Park Station

Friday, May 8, 2009

It's safe to say that I have quite a few pet peeves. I try to keep them logical - you know, not nitpicking too much, sticking to things that annoy other people, too - but sometimes I just can't hold myself to that.

This morning, I casually made my way through the Cleveland Park Metro station. A train was clearly on its way, & I could hear it rumbling on the tracks as it made its way forth. As soon as the rumbling began & the platform lights started blinking, the woman who was passing through the turnstile a couple footsteps ahead of me literally busted into a sprint. I mean, this woman was hauling ass down the stairs that lead from the mezzanine level to the platform, running like she was being chased.

The thing is this: If you're at the top of the stairs when the train starts rumbling, unless you're a geriatric who walks with a limp, a cane & absolutely zero sense of urgency, you're going to make the train. If it's not reached the platform by the time you go through the turnstile, you're going to be fine. And unless you somehow become incapacitated on your way down the stairs or create some sort of tear in the space/time continuum that sends you hurtling into the past and/or the future, you will be a passenger on that train. There is no need to hustle, there is no need to push past me or yell "Move!" and there is absolutely no reason to test out your sprinting skills.


  1. In addition to geriatrics being able to make the train at this point, the failure to understand that it's rush hour and another train is no more than a couple minutes away also makes me mock these people. These are the same people that think speeding from stoplight to stoplight will actually get them to their destination faster.

  2. I would actually love to borrow your speed-demon metro riders. They are never around when I need them. I'm usually behind the guy who waltzes down the steps while looking at the train on the platform, but then sprints for the train once off the steps. I don't get it. Why would he wait to sprint knowing he needed that train?

  3. people are clueless. also terrible - people who stand right in front of the door on the side that is opening on a crowded rush hour train, and don't step off or make any effort to move out of the way, so all the people getting off have to find their way through your f'ing umbrella maze.

    step off! you can get back on.


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