Hi, I'm Kate. This blog used to be called Suburban Sweetheart, but now it's not. Here's why, & here's how I chose the new name, in case you're insatiably interested. I've been writing here since 2007, so if you have a lot of time on your hands, I've got, like, 1,000 posts for ya.

I'm a thirtysomething Ohioan living in Cleveland, OH, which really does rock. My husband Mike & I live in the Tremont neighborhood with our cats, Helo & Dora (named for characters from Battlestar & Harry Potter, respectively), in an apartment that feels more like home than anywhere I've lived since childhood.

I wasn't always a Clevelander. In fact, I lived in nine places in 10 years, which was once my defining personality characteristic. I spent 2007 through 2010 & all of 2014 living in my second favorite city, Washington, D.C. During the years between, I lived in Red Bank, N.J., where most people didn't actually sound like Snooki, & Portsmouth, N.H., where most people did actually sound like actors from The Departed.

I have a degree in magazine journalism & a background in public policy, communications, & social media. Currently working as the digital communications manager of a large non-profit, I'm also a freelancer & aspiring future author. I write regularly for Cleveland Magazine, & my essays have appeared on sites like the Washington Post's Soloish, xoJane.com, HeyAlma.com, and Esquire.com. One of my essays was published in an anthology of Jewish millennials.

If you're not sure where to begin, try any of these:
  1. Today is the Day I Wake Up
  2. 50 Things I've Done
  3. Testing the Strong Ones
  4. You Can Do It, Put Your Back (Brace) Into It 
  5.  You Can Always Go Home Again: My LeBron Moment
  6. Odd Girl Out: On Being Weird & Sad in College
  7. Under the Weight of Living 
  8.  Sorry I'm Not Sorry: A List of Things I've Apologized for This Week 
  9. Where I'm From: A Tribute to the Buckeye State
  10. Near-Life Experience
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