About Me

Hi, I'm Kate. 

I'm a longtime blogger and professional writer living near Cleveland, OH, which really does rock; here are 10 reasons why I love my city, to start. My husband Mike and I live in Lakewood with our cats, Helo and Dora, who are named for characters from Battlestar and Harry Potter, respectively. 

Before I became a Clevelander, I lived in nine places in 10 years, which was once my defining personality characteristic. I've lived in Maryland, Washington, DC, New Hampshire, and New Jersey. We bought a house in 2022, and honestly? I never want to move again. 

I originally started this blog as a means of everyday storytelling. Now, it's where I also share my recommendations, recaps, and adventures around the Forest City and beyond. Thanks so much for reading!


FAQs + Stuff You Didn't Even Ask 

"Why did you start blogging?"

I opened this space in summer 2007 (whoa) because I'd just graduated from college and moved to Washington, D.C. In an era slightly pre-social media (also whoa), I wanted to be able to tell stories to friends and family back at home in an easy, central way.

"How did you name your blog?"

"Escapist" is one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite, now-defunct bands, Brandtson, a one-time emo band based out of Canton, OH. I picked the name in 2014; prior to that, this blog was called Suburban Sweetheart. Here's why, and here's how I chose the current name, in case you're insatiably interested.

"Do you have a day job?"

Why, yes, I do! I write about health and wellness for a large, well-known healthcare system. Previously, I did marketing and communications for a progressive religious denomination for more than a decade. 

I'm also a freelancer and aspiring future author. I write regularly for Cleveland Magazine, and my essays have appeared on sites like the Washington Post's Soloish, Esquire.com, and others. One of my essays was published in an anthology of Jewish millennials, and another appeared in Body Talk: 37 Voices Explore Our Radical Anatomy.

If you're interested in the rest of my writing, check out my digital portfolio. I am available for hire for freelance reporting and personal content, including ghostwriting op-eds, cover letters, college application essays, and even wedding speeches.
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