About Me

Hi, I'm Kate. 

I'm a longtime blogger & professional writer living in Cleveland, OH, which really does rock; here are 10 reasons why I love my city, to start. My husband Mike & I live in the Tremont neighborhood with our cats, Helo & Dora, who are named for characters from Battlestar & Harry Potter, respectively. 

Before I became a Clevelander, I lived in nine places in 10 years, which was once my defining personality characteristic. I spent 2007-2010 & all of 2014 living in my second-favorite city, Washington, D.C. In between, I lived in Red Bank, N.J., where most people didn't sound like Snooki, & Portsmouth, N.H., where most people did sound like actors from The Departed.

I originally started this blog as a means of everyday storytelling. Now, it's where I also share my recommendations, recaps, & adventures around the Forest City & beyond. Thanks so much for reading!


FAQs + Stuff You Didn't Even Ask 

"Why did you start blogging?"

I opened this space in summer 2007 (whoa) because I'd just graduated from college & moved to Washington, D.C. In an era slightly pre-social media, I wanted to be able to tell stories to friends & family back at home in an easy, central way.

"How did you name your blog?"

"Escapist" is one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite, now-defunct bands, Brandtson, a one-time emo band based out of Canton, OH. I picked the name in 2014; prior to that, this blog was called Suburban Sweetheart. Here's why, & here's how I chose the current name, in case you're insatiably interested.

"Do you have a day job?"

Why, yes, I do! I currently work as a communications manager, writing about health & wellness for a large, well-known healthcare system. Previously, I did marketing & communications for a progressive religious denomination for more than a decade. 

I'm also a freelancer & aspiring future author. I write regularly for Cleveland Magazine, & my essays have appeared on sites like the Washington Post's Soloish, Esquire.com, & others. One of my essays was published in an anthology of Jewish millennials, & another appeared in Body Talk: 37 Voices Explore Our Radical Anatomy.

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