Friday, November 19, 2010

In Which I Become a Republican for the Sake of Harry Potter

I was one of the thousands of nerds nationwide who showed up at the movie theatre three hours early last night to get good seats for a midnight viewing of "Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Part 1." It was showing on 15 screens, each with a different start time to help break up foot & vehicular traffic. Our showing was scheduled for 12:07, so of course we arrived at 9:00, my purse stuffed with Chex Mix & Diet Coke. I'm a Boy Scout when it comes to movie-going - always prepared.

We were there early enough to take the seats of our choice, two rows behind the handicapped row & right in the middle. Perfect view. Other attendees were less strategic, arriving late & forced to separate from their friends or to sit in the dreaded, migraine-inducing first row.

It got crowded, y'all. An hour before showtime, a painfully saccharine theatre employee announced that our show was sold out & that we'd all have to work together to ensure that everyone got a seat. This meant: scooting to the middle of the row, filling in empty seats, etc., etc.

Call me melodramatic, but I get very uptight about such requests. In fact, I started to feel very Republican about the whole thing. My thought process went something like this:  
"People who got here late deserve to be punished with crappy seats! They can't just waltz in here at 11:00 & expect to be rewarded with primo seating! I worked hard for this spot! I've earned it, & ain't no lazy latecomer gonna take it away from me! Quit regulating us, movie theatre! Power to the people! NO BIG GOVERNMENT!"
Ten minutes later, of course, the high schooler two seats away from me asked if we'd move down so his friends could sit with him. And, of course, we did (though not without at least a minimal amount of grumbling & pouting). And, of course, the two girls who took the seats talked through the entire thing.

Stupid movie theatre socialism.
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