Still Cynical But Always Thankful

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Here I am in Lima, Ohio, home to my lovely grandmother & also the setting for "Glee." I woke up at 10:30 & missed most of the parade; now, I'm listening to my mom, grandma & aunt prepare Thanksgiving dinner, & the converstion is going something like this:

Grandma: "I feel like the turkey is my friend."
Mom: "Well... so long, friend."
Because posts titled "Thankful" are all the rage throughout the blogosphere on Thanksgiving Day, I figured I ought to join in the fun. So on this day, Thanksgiving 2010, I'm thankful...
  • that winter weather makes it acceptable for me to be a homebody.
  • that I have a boyfriend who actually wants to get up at 4a.m. to go Black Friday shopping, or at least tells me he does.
  • that my grandma bakes a mean poppyseed honey cake &, relatedly, that I don't need to be drug-tested anytime soon.
  • that my half-Jewish, half-Gentile family compromises & exchanges holiday gifts tomorrow evening.
  • that my family loves my boyfriend so much that it's even making them like me more.
  • that I still get cell phone service in the boonies of Ohio.
  • that my oversized GAP cardigan that will hide all most Thanksgiving-induced stomach bulges. And most stomach bulges that are not Thanksgiving-induced.
  • that my family no longer forces me to "just try!" the turkey. Or the stuffing. Or the rutabagas. Or anything that's not the rolls & the marshmallow salad. (Please see previous bullet point.)

And on the more serious side,
  • that I was able to quit a job that wasn't right for me without having to also start living on the streets.
  • that I can live in my mom's house while I figure my life out, even if it sometimes resembles an episode of "Hoarders" & is always at least three degrees too hot or too cold for my liking.
  • that I'm not flat broke yet. Yet.
  • that I actually do love Ohio just as much as I thought I did.
  • that I still have a handful of really truly good friends back in my hometown who I can talk to about everything from politics to Disney princesses. And of course, whatever comes between.
  • that I have more than a handful of really truly good friends in D.C. & across the country, even in foreign lands like Rwanda & Brooklyn, who I hope I always consider the best of the best.

And on an even more serious side (HOW MANY SIDES DOES THANKSGIVING HAVE?),
  • that I had the opportunity to spend three rich, happy years in the District that changed me for the better - and for good.
  • that I took it upon myself to create the opportunity to start something new, whatever it may be. And to keep changing & growing & loving & learning.
Happy Thanksgiving, kids.


  1. Such wise words...and wise thinking. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the rest of your mishpacha in Lima, Ohio and best of luck to you as you figure it all out!

  2. I think that's a wonderful list, Kate.

    I am thankful for a lot of things (read my post today, hehe), and among them is having found your blog and getting to know you better. How's that for yet another serious side of Thanksgiving? ;)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Kate! I love the list and all the different categories of thankfulness. :)

  4. AHAHAHAHA "that winter weather makes it acceptable for me to be a homebody." Oh sigh... How come I also use that excuse innnnn the Summer too?

  5. "foreign lands like Rwanda & Brooklyn" :)


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