Hairy Situations: It's No-Shave November!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Here in Northeast Ohio, no one works on Capitol Hill because, well, that'd be geographically difficult. And while there are plenty of individuals here who hold traditional 9-to-5 gigs that require them to be clean-shaven & suit-clad, those people are not my friends. Not that I'm biased against clean-shaven, suited men; on the contrary, I miiight actually favor them. I just don't know any of them here.

Back it up. Most of my Ohio friends (that is to say, all three of them) are typically clean-shaven fellas, despite their non-9-to-5y jobs (bartender, grad student, aide for teens with autism). But not this month. No, this month is No-Shave November, a yearly challenge left over from college days, & Movember, a fundraiser to collect money for cancer research. And before they dedicate their souls to a lifetime of desk jobs, my boys are participating while they still can.

The average man will spend 140 days of his life shaving. Well, count this month out! The beards were out in full force tonight, as Adam strolled into the bar with a wild & crazy beard & mustache combo that hasn't seen hide nor hair (pun intended, duh) of grooming utensils since the month began. Astonishingly, his regular-beard to neck-beard ratio is fairly impressive (that is to say, less neck beard than expected). My dear friend Sean is faring less well, though perhaps more enthusiastically: He, too, is lacking in neck beard but is also sadly lacking in the volume of regular beard with which his best bud has been blessed.

Despite their dedication to a razor-free November, I still think Sammi wins:

Why does she own the same stick-on facial hair that my boyfriend wore for Halloween? I have no idea. Just trust the process.


  1. I completely shaved off my beard for this. I care *that* much about my prostate. Though I won't really be into this until the end of the month - Beardcember!

  2. I love Movember. Such a great cause and it's so fun to see the boys with mustaches and etc! =)

  3. There's a couple guys in my classes who are participating in Movember, which is pretty awesome. Some of them have pretty impressive beards growing! :)

  4. I love bearded guys. Well no, that's not really true.... I love a little bit of a beard on some guys... :)

  5. Since my husband's an Army dude he can't participate in things like this and I can't decide if that's a good thing or not. Give me and week and no razor and he gets pretty scruffy. I can't imagine what he'd look like after a month...


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