The Midwest: Setting the Bar High

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My mom & I headed to a local bar last night, one that's located a whopping .9 miles away from our home. The occasion? My best friend's dad's band was playing, & we wanted to show our support. As a bonus, my best friend & her husband were in town from Tennessee, though I wish it had been for a better reason than a death in the family.

Let me tell you a bit about said bar & my experience at it:

  • It is approximately the size of a large walk-in closet.

  • It's been there for decades, but prior to last night, I didn't think I knew a single person who'd ever been there.

  • It used to be another old bar, one that frequently sent well-wishes to bar regulars by putting things like "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RHONDA!" & "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, ED & BEATRICE!" on its front sign... & leaving them there for months at a time.

  • It appears to be popular with drunken folks of parental age, particularly those who enjoy dancing.

  • The men's restroom is not labeled, which led me to believe it was a unisex restroom, which led to some embarrassment when another patron asked me in a patient yet condescending voice, "Are you looking for the women's restroom?" This was, of course, after I'd already used the men's.

  • Also, there was this:

    In case you can't see it in the lack of light, that's a walker. Atop an empty table. In a bar.

  • Finally - & perhaps most importantly - the bar is also home to a food cart called The Purple People Eatery, where the menu options include "walking tacos" (no idea) & "chicken sandwhiches" (spelled that way). I, however, wanted to be a little adventurous, so I ordered... wait for it... a taco dog. What, you ask, is a taco dog? Well, duh, it's a hot dog topped with taco fixins, including ground beef, shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese & diced tomatoes. Of course. Lucky for me, it did not look like this:

    But, I am only mildly ashamed to admit, it did taste delicious.

Ohhhh, Ohio. You've got me.


  1. LOL, I hate it when I accidentally walk in the wrong bathroom!

  2. I have a funny story about that walker and it's owner... remind me to tell you next time we talk. I love you. This weekend sucked, but it was nice to have a break from it all with you that night.

  3. I believe, and I may be wrong, that the walking taco is some sort of white trash meal involving a bag of fritos and some taco meat.

  4. UM. Taco Dog = all of my dreams come true, in one hot dog bun.

  5. I love tiny midwest bars esp in iowa :)

  6. A walking taco is putting all the fixin's for a taco inside a small back of Fritos. You eat it with a fork. And can walk around with it, I suppose.

  7. Mm, this makes me think of the bar in my hometown. There are two, one that's called an "Inn" because it's actually as classy as the rich suburbanites and one that is on the edge of town, next to railroad tracks. That's the one that my friends and I frequent because it's just more fun (slash we don't have to awkwardly encounter people we went to high school with and don't care to catch up with.) It is filled with grandparent-age people who enjoy dancing. It is also filled with typical bar flies who look they've been sitting at that bar for the past ten years. But they also surprisingly had an extremely cute, young bartender the last time I went... Sadly no food though!

  8. One of my biggest fears is that I'll walk into the men's bathroom. I'm glad you seemed to come out unscathed. :)

  9. Walking tacos are awesome. Only I use doritos. MUCH better than fritos.

  10. lol your posts crack me up girl!! aren't local bars just the best??

  11. I enjoy reading your stuff. You are most talented, Katy.

  12. Bars like that are the best. I love discovering crazy little places with regulars and walkers on tables and food named all sorts of silly things.


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