"The Wire" Goes Suburban (Or My Boyfriend Drinks a Raw Egg)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm knee-deep in episodes of "The Wire," which Nate bought in its entirety off Amazon. At present, we're closing in on the end of Season Two, which focuses on Baltimore's Stevedores, or dock workers. "The Wire" covers lots of topics that ought to make me cringe - drugs & murder, for starters - but thus far, the scene I've found the most unsettling is one in which the longshoremen pop into their favorite bar early in the morning for a breakfast drink of beer, a shot & a raw egg. Together. Chugged.

Yesterday night, Nate & I were headed out to meet up with his friends at a nearby bar. Before we left, he made clear his obsession with "The Wire" when he easily agreed, with only my gentle prodding, to try a longshoreman's breakfast of his own - one can of PBR, one shot of rye whiskey &, yes, one raw egg. Observe:

Forgive me, for I was distracted by my disgust & briefly stopped filming. When I realized the error of my ways, I quickly turned the camera back on for a reaction shot:


Frank & Nico would be proud. Or would they?


  1. Oh my God...one of my friends is big into weightlifting and suggested that I try one of his favorite shakes - chocolate ice cream, frozen strawberries, and a raw egg. I was too grossed out to try it.

  2. Gross!!!

    Although my dad used to make me Egg Flips when I was a kid, which was an egg, milk and some suger whisked together and they were amazing!

  3. OMG TWINSIES! we are about to cave and buy all the seasons because watching one disc at a time through netflix is a killer. we're halfway through season 2

    thank god kima is ok, i was about to quit watching when she wasn't. and im still all torn up about wallace. but ziggy rotting away in jail would be a happy ending as far as im concerned!

    ok, going to step away from the keyboard now.

  4. Kate, that is the grossest thing ever. Eww. Props to Nate though!

  5. Haha, that's insanely gross. Kudos to him for even trying!

  6. videos of raw eggs, rye and neti pots -- gaross.

  7. I love the Wire too! Once you start watching, you have to watch all of the seasons back to back. That's what my BF and I did last winter.

    Your boyfriend is a brave man. I'd be interested to see if the "longshoreman's breakfast" is actually a hangover cure - although I think I really would puke if tried to eat a raw egg after a night of drinking. I think Frank and Nico would give Nate an A for effort.

  8. SO. NASTY. *hork*

  9. Good thing I haven't eaten breakfast yet or I might have lost it. Ick! Boys are silly!


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