Thursday, November 18, 2010

Livin' La Vida Lokos

Last night, testing the boundaries of societal ire, my friends & I did this:

The night went as follows: I drank half a can of watermelon-flavored dreck.* We watched "How I Met Your Mother." I ate some Doritos. And then?! We played Balderdash. Gasp!

It was a really rockin' night, I know. Good thing the FDA is cracking down on these suckers! I don't know if I could handle another outta-control evening like that.

*Personal responsibility for the win!

A New Twist on Bar Bathroom Graffiti

We've come a long way, it seems, from the days of "For a good time call ____" & "___ is an @$$!" Kindness is in, kids. Ya heard?

*In the interest of not looking like a copycat, I should note that a friend recently posted the same photo on her Facebook wall. I didn't steal it from her but had, in fact, taken a photo of it, too. When it's funny, it's funny!
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