Monday, November 1, 2010

Life Lessons from a Halloween in New Hampshire

  • Most men dress as exaggerated versions of themselves for the holiday. Examples include street fighters, wrestlers, beer kegs, cartoon characters, & lumberjacks (see photo).

  • Every year, I'm fond of declaring, "People who don't dress up for Halloween are the worst kind of people!" Mostly in jest, but also not. Of course, no one can have The Best Costume Of All Time all the time, but on the whole, I tend to think people who refuse to dress up for Halloween are either terribly uncreative or take themselves too seriously - two qualities I don't necessarily find admirable.

  • BUT. Though I've spent my entire life looking down on people who don't dress up for Halloween, it turns out that being the only one decked out in disguise when everyone you're out on the town with is dressed in their regular clothes is a liiiiittle bit embarrassing. My, how the tables have turned.

  • SO. If you're going to go out with people who refuse to dress up for Halloween, wearing a witch costume is likely the best way to go. It's cute but not so creative that you'll feel you've wasted The Best Costume Of All Time (which is impossible because you already used that costume up in 2008 when you dressed as "fishing for compliments").

  • Witch hats impede dancing & the wearing of across-the-chest purse straps. False eyelashes impede vision.

  • I wish people needed bat necklaces year-round. I could make a living out of creating these! But I bet business would be slow in, say, February.

How was your Halloween?

PS: If you're unsure about my love for this holiday or want to know more, please check out this post & this one. With bonus photos of me dressed as a crazy person!
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