My Small Goals for January 2023

Thursday, January 5, 2023

The return of small goals, anyone? I've made a to-do list for the new year (because resolutions make me twitchy), but I realized that I miss doing these monthly small-goal posts, which seemed to hold me accountable in much more manageable ways. I quit doing them during the pandemic because what was time, even? but now I'm back.

Here's what's on deck for this first month of the year. 

1. Make a smoothie every weekday.

My mom bought me a NutriBullet for the holidays, and I am already all-in on it. I’ve made a smoothie for breakfast every day since Christmas! I need to get more fruits and vegetables, and this is the perfect way; plus, I can add protein powder, collagen, and heart-healthy ground flaxseed. I’m going through so much spinach and couldn’t be happier about it. (The exception to this goal will be the two weekdays this month that I'm in California.)

2. Schedule a DXA scan.

I need to get a bone density scan, per my menopause doctor, who prescribed it in… oh, you know, September. Have I made an appointment yet? Of course not — and I even had to push back my next appointment with her because of it. I’ve gotta get it scheduled and done so that I can be sure my primary ovarian insufficiency (POI, a form of premature menopause) isn’t impacting my bone health. 

3. No fast food at night.

I don’t eat much fast food, and if I eat it during the day, it’s because I’m really in a pinch — so I don’t want to swear it off entirely, lest I be very hungry in a situation without many options. What I really want to cut out is my occasional late-night, post-boxing Arby’s mozzarella sticks runs. I’ve really gotta retrain my brain out of this craving. 

4. Organize and put away Christmas decorations. 

Trying to find all of our Christmas decorations was a real pain in the butt, as they were all stored in different places and largely unlabeled. This year, I bought matching clear plastic bins and wreath bags to store everything in, and I’m going to take the time and energy to do it right and save myself the headache when next winter rolls around. 

5. No booze (mostly).

Mike and I are doing a Dry January, which tbh I don’t think will be all that difficult for me. I still like to have a few beers when I’m out with friends, but overall, I don’t drink that much anymore, and I almost never drink at home. I’ve also finally started to like unsweetened iced tea, so I have a non-soda alternative when I’m out and want more than just water. Again, the exception here is my California trip, especially our Napa day. I rarely drink wine, so I'm calling this my No-Beer Start-of-the-Year

What are your goals for this first month of the year? Got any resolutions to share?


  1. Love the goals you have set for yourself. I did organize my xmas decorations earlier this year and it was so rewarding taking out the boxes to decorate. My one habit I am trying to establish in January is a Wednesday morning walk for. at least 30 minutes better 60 minutes.

  2. I am having trouble commenting on your blog. I noticed that you're not using Discus anymore, but the blogger comment form sometimes disappears when the site refreshes... just thought you'd want to know. Maybe others have trouble .too.


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