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Friday, March 1, 2024

A very long writers' strike, followed by a very long actors' strike, meant a very long while without any new TV shows. Agonizing, I know! When there was nothing new to watch, I turned to some older content, and now that things are starting to come back, I'm thrilled to be catching up on all things new.
I've dived right back into the entire Dick Wolf universe (all three Law & Order shows, plus Chicago Med and Chicago PD), the return of The Rookie, and the current season of The Bachelor (which is great). But I've added some new things to the mix, too! Here's what else I've been loving.

The Traitors
Is there anyone who isn't watching The Traitors at this point?! I'm not normally one for competition shows, but this one is just so fun. It brings together a supergroup of reality TV stars from various shows, all competing in a glorified game of Mafia in a Scottish castle. Oh, and the host is Alan Cumming, who wears lots of flowing capes and fanciful hats. (Peacock) 

I've loved this one for a while, and I was so excited for it to come back, especially because it was very nearly unceremoniously axed amid the writers' strike. It's incredibly cheesy and unrealistic and probably poorly acted, but I'll be damned if the theme music doesn't hype me up every single time. Come for Shemar Moore's Hondo, stay for Street, Tan and Deacon. (Paramount+)

Will Trent
This show didn't particularly appeal to me, so I don't know why I started watching it, but I sure am glad I did. Ramon Rodriguez plays Special Agent Will Trent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation; his childhood friend and on-again/off-again love interest Angie Polaski is played by Erika Christensen (Swimfan!!!!!!!). (Hulu)
Six Feet Under
I'm not yet done with this one because I had to take a break for a bit (a little too serious for me!) but I'm really glad that I finally started this early 2000s hit about a family that runs a funeral home. One of the stars is Michael C. Hall, though, who I only know from Dexter, so I confess that I keep expecting sweet David Fisher to heinously murder someone... (Netflix)
My Life with the Walter Boys 
I expected to hate this cheesy show about country bumpkins, but when the first season ended, I was desperate for more. It's based on a YA book about Jackie, a teen who moves from NYC to a farm to live with family friends after her parents and sister die in a car accident. Once she arrives, she... falls in love with two of the family's teenage sons? I don't know, man, it was terrible and I loved it. (Netflix)
Boo, Bitch
I was thrilled to see Lana Condor in something new, and while this was a sort of absurd little show, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The premise is that two high school friends, Erika and Gia, find Erika's body... and surmise that she has died and become a ghost. She starts living her best high school life before she crosses over, and hijinks, of course, ensue. Ridiculous but fun. (Netflix)

I don't know when this macabre show is coming back, but I'll be waiting with bated breath. I've watched season one three times and am on my second rewatch of season two. When a private plane carrying a teen girls' soccer team crashes in the Canadian wilderness, they must do whatever they can to survive. It flashes back and forth between their 1990s storyline and the present day. (Showtime on Paramount+)

Mike wanted to watch Kitchen Nightmares, but it felt too mean for me, so this show (which I used to watch back in my New Hampshire days!) was our compromise. We started with the most recent season, then went back and watched three more; we didn't watch them all, but we accidentally spoiled a few. Honestly, I was sort of devastated to run out of seasons because this competition show for home cooks is just a joy to watch. (Hulu)
Next Level Chef
When we ran out of seasons of Masterchef, we started on this show, another from FOX that's also hosted by Gordon Ramsay, along with Richard Blais and Nyesha Arrington (both former Top Chef contestants). It's got an interesting premise: 15 chefs, 1 building, and three kitchens of varying levels of prestige. With each dish they make, they move up or down a level, to a better or worse kitchen. (Hulu)
Have you seen any of these shows? What are you watching? And what did you mist most during the strikes? Hit me with your best recs! 

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