We're Trying to Adopt!

Sunday, September 3, 2023

I've shared this news on Instagram and Facebook, but I might as well share it here, too, even if it feels a little weird, for some reason, to do so.

Mike and I recently publicly shared that we're going through the adoption process. We started it last summer, soon after it became clear that we probably wouldn’t be able to have biological kids. I still grieve my 2020 miscarriage, and receiving my infertility diagnosis was devastating. (I've written about it only in passing here and here). But we knew we wanted to become parents. 

Because of the makeup of our own families (stories for another day), we know better than anyone that it’s love, not biology, that makes a family. That made adoption an easy decision. 

But that certainly doesn't make the process itself any easier. 

The road to domestic infant adoption is a long, slow, and complex process, and we haven’t even yet gotten to the point where we inevitably experience speed bumps and letdowns and the stress and sadness of scenarios like not being chosen or having an adoption fall through. We know it will continue to be difficult.

But we also know that it will be so, so worth it on that day when we finally bring our child home (into the nursery that’s already waiting for them!)

We also know that it will take a village. Our request to you, if you’re so inclined to help, is this: If you know of a birth parent who is seeking an adoptive family for their child, please keep us in mind. Though we are on agency waitlists, we are also able to match privately with a birth mother, should someone hear about us and choose us. We have a completed home study and are fully approved to become adoptive parents!

Pretty please: Spread the word. Tell a friend. Share our story. Here's our adoption profile.

I don’t know how much of the journey we’ll continue to share, as this is an emotionally grueling and intensely private process. But our hopes are high and our faith is deep.

Our child will grow up knowing that they’re doubly loved — not just by us, who wanted so badly to become their parents, but also by their birth parents, who made the difficult but loving decision to give them the best life possible. And they’ll know, too, about the friends and relatives and even the complete strangers who were rooting for them and for our family from the very beginning.

We’re so ready to become Mom and Dad, and we truly can’t wait to meet the child who will become our whole entire world. Thanks for cheering us on along the way.

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