Monday, October 6, 2008

The Opposite Sex and the City

Things I do not like about the District include the level of difficulty of meeting people in "the real world" that is this city. Don't get me wrong, I'm blessed with some really great friends -- but I'm mostly a hermit in my small, kitchenless apartment (the Unabomber's shack is looking more & more luxurious every day). I mean, how's a girl supposed to meet anyone, much less a suitable suitor (redundancy?) in a city like this?

In typical Jewish mother fashion, my Jewish mother says I made a smart choice in moving here rather than to the Big Apple because some news article (that I've yet to read, so it may not exist) told her the District is a better place for young adults to meet their soulmates or something. Now, while I agree that I am not a New York City kinda gal (for many reasons, not just its inability to provide me with the future love of my life, but including & not limited to the presence of the Mitzvah Tank), I've gotta say -- this is a load of crap. Who wrote that? And how did they research it? And what uber-social, well-connected individuals were they interviewing? Because as a D.C. hermit with questionable social skills, I find the results of this poll or experiment or whatever it was to be highly unbelievable.

As a sidenote, if anyone responds to this post by telling to join JDate, I will kick you in the fingers so that you can no longer leave comments here. Seriously.
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