Workin' for the Weekend (For Our Future President, That Is!)

Monday, October 20, 2008

I canvassed for Obama in Burke, Virginia, this weekend, knocking on the doors of undecided or unreported voters. Although it pained me to awaken at 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday (I'm a noon+ kinda gal myself), the overall effect was one of adventure & social justice. Highlights:

  • A middle-aged couple drove two friends & I into VA, getting lost both on the way to the DNC headquarters & again on the way to our neighborhood destination. It was a bit like a family road trip with people who are not only not your family but actually complete strangers.

  • Before we even hit up our first house, a hilljack loading a pickup truck asked us, "Who are you out for?" When we answered, he replied, "That's too bad." It's too bad you're a Republican, dude, but I won't insult you -- Barack Obama can do it himself on November 4th.

  • Lest you think that the Great Commonwealth of Virginia is all tobacco farms, cotillions & class, I snapped this photo of a Beverly Hillbillies-style lawn ornament to clarify.

  • A really, really enthusiastic & apparently lonely Obama supporter ushered us into her home, offered us glasses of water, tried to give us a donation, told us she was calling off work to provide people rides to the polls & roped her 14-year-old son into promising to help her do it, too. She practically begged for the names of her neighbors who had also pledged their support for Obama, & sent us on our way with warnings about which houses weren't going to be amenable to our Democratic ways.

  • I scored an Obama/Biden yard sign from the DNC headquarters in Springfield. I lack a yard, so I instead hung it in my apartment window, which faces the other side of my U-shaped building -- including the home of some neighbor whose unsightly McCain/Palin sign stares directly in my bedroom window. BOOM, sucka.


  1. I don't share your political views but I am glad to see that you are politically active! The youth are the only hope for this country...

  2. I appreciate your message and completely agree with what you are saying. I am not referring to people who do any of those things, I am referring to those people who get in my face and when I mention that I agree with something the other side is for. Literally get in my face. Never have I told anyone (except my husband) who I am voting for and I agree with things from both sides. I just don't appreciate being ridiculed and ranted at when I say, "I agree with the Republicans on this issue." I am entitled to my opinion. Most of the time they don't even let me finish my sentence that would have said something that I agree with the Democrats on!I don't know, it's hard to explain what I'm talking about, but I completely understand people who voice their opinions and are doing a job to spread the word on their party of choice. That is great, but when someone doesn't agree with you, leave it at that. You know?
    I love you and I miss you too!


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