Problems in Voting: A Write-In Wrong

Thursday, October 23, 2008

So, it's election season & all, which you're probably aware of because, I mean, I guess some people have been talking about it a little tiny bit. But for all the discussion of our Presidential candidates, it's important to bear in mind that you'll be voting for state & local politicians in this election, too. If you're living in the District of Columbia like me, you may have seen signs advertising candidates for City Council. I pass approximately seven of these puppies on the three-block walk from my apartment to the Metro. Can you spot the problem?

No, the problem is NOT the cheesy slogan (incidentally, I used to own a shirt that said that. Seriously). No, the problem here is that this write-in candidate has not told me what LAST NAME to write in.

In all fairness, her full name is on the other side of the sign (the one stuck in the bush), but why isn't that side facing out instead of jammed into the foliage???


  1. Is she going for some kind of folksy first-name basis thing? Cause an campaign sign really doesn't seem like a good place to do that.

    Also, please tell me the "Write-in" box was a sticker, not part of the sign, cause I spent a good thirty seconds trying to figure out why you'd have to *write in* to re-elect someone.

    (Re: your question on my blog - just teaching myself. Considering classes, though, cause otherwise I will never figure out how to best use this camera!)

  2. PLUSSSS...She's a Jew...Way to make us look stupid!


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