Size Does Matter

Monday, October 27, 2008

One thing I can safely say of is that they're clearly not particularly concerned about the environmental effects of excess packaging. This observation is based on the Obama button I received from said organization this week &, more specifically, on the envelope it arrived it. A size comparison is as follows:


  1. I got one of those too! And yes, the packaging was pretty insanely ridiculous.

  2. wow. that's lovely!

    I didn't even know you read my blog! haha CRAZY! I guess we have this now instead of Xanga...

  3. not sure how i first found your blog- maybe dcblogs- but i love it!

    holy crap, you look like a whole new person after your profile picture switcheroo! i mean that in the nicest, most UNcreepy way possible coming from a complete stranger. :)

  4. That truly is a crazy size comparison! If I hadn't ordered it, I'd be a little disappointed that all I got from that envelope was a little button. I have a really good imagination when it comes to packages, and all the amazing things that could be in them. Wear it with pride though :)


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