Pavement Poetry

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You don't see sidewalk chalk too often in the District -- it's more of a suburban thing or a sorority-girls-on-a-college-campus thing. Yet as I crossed Dupont Circle this afternoon, I was pleased to see chalkings around the fountain:

This one reads "D.C. GUERILLA POETRY INSURGENCY," which sounds both prosaic & violent at the same time.

This one reads, "URBAN_ISOLATION" on two sides of the squares. The other two sides say the same, but with a drawing of an eye + "SOULATION."

Deep, right? Or something. Eye only sort of get it. Leave it to me to discover crazy hippie peace chalking.

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  1. I was headed down to the circle today and I ended up not going! What a shame - I'd have loved to get some pictures of that. Guess you did it for me though. :)


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