Wednesday, October 1, 2008

While standing at a bus stop with friends sometime just after 10 p.m., a drunk dude in a suit meandered by, leering all the while. He passed us & literally turned around to stare five times before he reached the next crosswalk. He crossed, & I forgot about him.

This is, until he magically appeared on our bus about 10 minutes later. That's right, he returned to the bus stop to hop on with us &, apparently, to continue with the leering. I was doing a good job of ignoring him until he chose to chime in on our conversation. As Ben advised, "You need to approach new people!," I whined, "The last time I approached someone new it was that guy with the restraining order!" In retrospect, this is an admittedly amusing sentence, but still - I didn't need the peanut gallery butting in with, "Isn't that always the case?" (also because no, it isn't!).

I feared he'd get off at my stop, but luckily Joanna & I hopped off together & didn't follow -- safety in numbers & all that Jewish mothers' bullhooey. But lest you think "Well, that's that" and assume that the Drunken Suited Leerer was simply carried away down Connecticut Avenue in his trusty L2 steed, I assure you that he stared at us for a good 15 seconds before his ride recommenced.


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