Friday, October 3, 2008

And Bimbo Was Her Name-O

I watched tonight's Vice Presidential debate at a friend's place, where he & his friend had assembled to play Palin Bingo. I was skeptical of my bingo sheet, positive I could never win with it -- but win I did, friends! Check that left-to-right diagonal!

And as a point of interest, playing this game resulted in our noticing that throughout the course of the nuclear Iran/unstable Pakistan question, Gov. Sarah Palin NEVER SAID THE WORD "PAKISTAN." My friends who preemptively bubbled in their Pakistan squares as Gwen Ifill asked the question were sorely disappointed - &, frankly, shocked (or not?) - that the GOP's sweetheart somehow managed to answer the question without ever answering the question... a pattern that would continue throughout the night.

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