Tuesday, June 30, 2009

DC Adventure Ho!

At the start of 2009, I wrote about my DC wishlist, all the restaurants I want to try in the city. In six months, I've knocked exactly six measly places off said list. To be fair, if I'd checked out all of these places in six months, I'd be subsisting solely on Easy Mac & cans of beans. This week, though, as I read through the newly discovered DC Concierge blog, I'm reminded just how many things I want to do & see in the District that I've not yet gotten around to because I am either A) too tired/lazy, B) too broke or C) unable to convince others to join in the fun.

So I've been compiling a mental list & have come up with the following:

  • Listen to jazz in the Sculpture Garden, even though I'm not actually a big fan of jazz (just seems like something I should try)
  • Return to Artomatic to explore more than two of its nine floors of creative genius
  • Kayak on the Potomac, even though I'm wildly afraid of water
  • Go paddle-boating in the Tidal Basin, even though I'm still wildly afraid of water
  • Picnic in Rock Creek Park because I'm obsessed with picnicking but never do it (OK, except when I organized one last month!)
  • Check out a free performance on the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage, which I rarely want to go to because it feels far away but really want to go to because the shows are free, cultural & every single weeknight
  • Attend a show at the Woolly Mammoth Theatre's Pay-What-You-Can Night
  • Sit under the stars at the Rock Creek Park planetarium, though I will probably cry because sometimes stars do that to me (& now that I've admitted that, no one will ever agree to join me on this one!)
  • Go inside the Washington Monument, which I haven't done since I was a kid, though this requires the dreaded early-morning wake-up
  • Shop at Eastern Market, where I have shamefully never been & which also requires an early-morning wake-up
  • Get inspired at a Busboys & Poets open mic night, though it will probably inspire me to attempt to be artsy, which is not usually a successful endeavor
  • Go on an embassy tour, despite reports that they're a tourism frenzy
Seriously, it's time to start being a little more adventurous. No more Big Hunt & Paragon Thai. Now accepting suggestions for additional activities to add to the list - & friends with whom to do any & all of them! I promise to stop being tired/lazy, though I can't make any promises to stop being broke.
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