Grandmaisms, The Sequel

Friday, June 19, 2009

My grandmother is in town! Before posting tonight's entry, I read back through my first "Grandmaisms," the last post I wrote about the amazing matriarch of my little family - & I laughed hysterically, especially at the bagel comment, which is still my absolute favorite thing she's ever said. Fear not, though: She's only been in the District for a mere 28 hours & already she's provided me with quite a few comedic gems. Enjoy!

  • After I bumped into her while we were both putting our makeup on in the bathroom & apologized: "It's OK! My bum just wanted to say hello to your bum."

  • While walking through the Cleveland Park Metro station looking at the ground: "You always have to look where you're walking in case there might be some spit."

  • Stopping by my office before finally grabbing a very late lunch: "I like that time before I eat when I'm REALLY hungry. It makes me feel thin."

  • Sitting at a bus stop: "Are you sure this is a bus stop?"

  • Checking out the bus driver's neon orange & yellow WMATA vest: "I thought that was some jazzy African cloth, but it turned out just to be her bus driver attire. I almost asked her where she got it. I'm glad I didn't!"

  • After my observation that California Tortilla's new teriyaki burrito sounds absolutely foul: "Well, that's a bastard child if I ever saw one."
Not wanting her photo taken:

But payback's a bitch:

But let's get serious. I got some good genes!


Wearing Mascara said...

Hahahaha! This made me laugh out loud! Your gma and my gma would definitely get along!

Berto said...

That's 86 kinds of adorable.

Dmbosstone said...

This absolutely adorable!

f.B said...

I always, always check for spit on the sidewalks. Brilliant advice.

Anonymous said...

Oy VAy! I need a face transplant!

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