Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pride (In the Name of Love)

Some friends & I marched in the Capital Pride Parade yesterday evening. Note to self: Never eat an entire bag of Kettle Corn - & only an entire bag of Kettle Corn - before marching 1.5 miles in the blazing sun wearing Chuck Taylors. Also, it's possible that I am the sweatiest person alive, or at least in that parade. That said, it was a great time. Most notable moments included:
  • The little, tiny Latino man marching behind us wearing nothing but rainbow body paint & a peacock-like fan hat (photo below);
  • The really attractive guy wearing leopard-print body paint marching with Deaf Youth USA who I referred to as "the Deaf Leopard." Get it? Ba-dum-chhhhh (photo also below);
  • The group of cute lesbians who asked me for free stickers & then hit on me;
  • My friends & fellow marchers jumping onto the Zipcar truck driving in front of us to dance to Lady Gaga with sassy, green-wigged Zipcar employees;
  • The group of parade-watchers who chanted "Who let the Jews out?" (in a friendly way?) as we made our way past;
  • The very excited dude who jumped up & down screaming "SHALOM! SHALOM!" as we made our way past;
  • And, of course, the man who jumped into the parade with us to plant a wet one on my very straight friend Jason as we made our way past (as Jason's girlfriend laughed hysterically & offered zero help).

Cheesy as it may be, it was pretty incredible to be a part of something so fun & festive while rocking out for equality. See you next year!
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