Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hot Hot Heat

As you may recall, I hate the heat. A lot. Now factor in that this is today's temperature, even at 9:02pm:

After you've mentally complimented my distinctly Perez Hilton-esque Paint abilities, let's discuss what ameliorates heat like this & makes life better. The answer is: NOTHING. But let me tell you about a few of the methods I've tried:

  • Today I wore a maxidress to try to minimize sweatiness. Ironic? Anyway, both roommates complimented the dress, & I was quite happy about it. Unfortunately, the thigh rub that comes with summer dress-wearing did not make for sustained happiness.

  • I also saw "Inception" for a second time, & for the second time, I fell asleep. Ironic? Anyway, I didn't fall asleep during the same parts as last time (or spill anything caramelized in my purse), so it all came together quite well. Unfortunately, the temperature inside the theater was approximately 85 degrees, which didn't feel like such a break from the outdoor heat.

  • And I went to Sticky Rice for brunch with the roommates. Nothing ironic or unfortunate there, just delicious. And while it didn't do much to cool me down, it sure did fill me up. Tater tots for breakfast? Well, OK.

Seriously, it's too hot to go outside, even - especially? - to socialize. It's too hot to move. It's too hot to booze, except inside, but we don't have anything in the house. And we'd run out & get some except, you know, it's too hot to go outside.

Don't mind me. I'll just be sitting here in my pajamas, watching "Men in Black," & oh yeah, sweating. Snowpocalypse, I miss you.
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