Slow Down, You Crazy Child

Monday, July 12, 2010

This weekend, there was a wedding. I've been to a lot of weddings lately, so what's another one? But for this particular wedding, I took a bus to Charlottesville, Va. - which is, let me tell you, a post of its own. Trains headed north are easy, businesslike, uneventful, filled with dudes in suits; trains south involve lots of passengers camped out for days headed to places like Birmingham, & lots of rambunctious children sans footwear.

The ride wasn't ideal, save for the lovely British girl I befriended to pass the time. But when the train rolled into the station & I finally made it to Charlottesville late Friday night, I fell in a little bit of love. It's quiet there, slow & quaint, a college town with a lot of charm. I shared a hotel room with my mother, & there was much cuteness to be had:

But perhaps more importantly (not that you're not important, Mom!), my phone didn't work half the time in the sticks of the Commonwealth, providing me a mandatory technology vacation - which, let's face it, I can always use. It looked a little bit like this:

You don't need all the wedding details, which will seem tedious because you don't know the people involved or care about their lives (or mine, for that matter). Suffice it to say there was no tweeting, no phone calls, no blogging, no checking of the email. But what was there is far more gratifying than what wasn't - there were sunflowers & a lake & sparklers & Yuengling & dancing. There was cake & pulled pork sandwiches & a Klezmer band. There was a field in the mountains in the middle of nowhere - or maybe in the middle of everywhere. There was family. There was love & happiness & all those other good, mushy things. There was no stress at all. And that? Was the best part.
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