"On the Metro," to the Tune of "Alejandro"

Friday, July 30, 2010

I try never to post posts (???) that are solely YouTube videos. Because no one cares & no one ever clicks through. But if you're a DC resident who's ever issued a verbal complaint - or, like me, quite a few written ones - about interns, the Metro, or even Lady Gaga, you'll be click through to this one.

The intern in my office says "It could've been funnier," & while I agree, I have to give credit to any well-made attempt at DC snark.

Sometimes interns are cool.


  1. "I'm going to be like 'I work for a congressman,' and they're going to be like 'that's awesome we should BANG!'"

    LOL! Nailed 'em. I hate those fuckers.

  2. My sister is going to love this.


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