Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stuff Tourists Like, Pt. III

It's been awhile, I know, but only because I was trying to gather a sufficient number of photos in order to create a really extravagant collage. In the end, I only took five photos, mostly because chasing tourists down the street to snap their photo while remaining unnoticed is not as easy as you might think.

In case you missed the rest of the series, check out the other stuff tourists like by reading Part I & Part II, as observed during my lunch hour in the National Zoo neighborhood. Today, I proudly present you with the newest installment, one with lots of photographic evidence to prove its truthfulness:
  1. Bucket Hats: It's sunny out there, & as a Cullen-skinned young lady myself, I respect tourists' desire to avoid melanoma. After all, no one digs the leather look (save Snooki, I guess, but she's not visiting the National Zoo), which means lathering sunscreen on religiously, only to promptly sweat it off - or donning a hat to shield the rays.

    I tend to be of the belief system that almost all hats are hideously disgusting, though I concede that there are some forgivable options, including variations on the fedora & the straw hat. But you know what I can almost never get on board with? Bucket hats. And tourists love bucket hats. They're everywhere. I truly have no idea why, having not sported a bucket hat myself since the very early '90s (Lord forgive me). Maybe it's the brim? Maybe it's the full coverage the brim provides? Maybe it's a Gilligan complex? Regardless, every time I head out to pick up lunch, I spot at least five new bucket hats on the go.

OK, fine, even I admit that children in bucket hats are often adorbs & that it's probably entirely creepy of me to surreptitiously photograph children I don't know. In fact, I hope that it's not illegal or something. I'M JUST IN IT FOR THE HATS, I mean it.

And come on. These hats are good. Am I right?

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