Wednesday, December 29, 2010

& There's Reason to Believe Maybe This Year Will Be Better Than the Last

Like so many other bloggers, I am, indeed, vain enough to do a countdown of my own. 2010 was a big year for me, & I'm not about to let it slip away unnoticed. Here, a compilation of the things that, for better or worse, stand out most:
  1. There was a snowstorm. A big one. My best friend spent the night for... three nights? We never technically had off of work (technology is a jerk), but it sure felt like we did - "Home Alone" marathons, fancy-ish brunches, & lots of Snuggie-wearing? I love co-hibernation.
    • Moral: In the right circumstances & with the right people, there's no such thing as too much togetherness.

  2. I experienced a bit of an emotional breakdown when my bosses asked me to hop a train to New York City with just a couple hours' notice to help facilitate a meeting between the big boss & members of the Israeli government. After a full-scale freak-out, I did as instructed - & was pleasantly surprised by the experience. 
    • Moral: Believe in yourself as much as others do. And for Pete's sake, take some deep breaths.

  3. On the 15th anniversary of my father's death to lung cancer - & one of the hottest days of the summer - I spent 12+ hours with a gaggle of my closest friends at Relay for Life in Arlington, Va. Together, we raised thousand of dollars for the American Cancer Society - & I didn't even get sunburned!
    • Moral: Charity is fun & fulfilling. Sweet combo.

  4. The universe smiled upon me & gave me the opportunity to visit the set of "Top Chef," my favorite TV show in ever. And miracle of miracles, I actually appeared in an episode! With a speaking role! Talking about... root beer & meat
    • Moral: A good sense of humor gets you stuff. Like gourmet food & pseudo-fame.

  5. In April, I accepted a new job with a respected public relations firm. They offered, & I accepted, enamored of the idea of working for such a creative, successful team.
    • Moral: The smartest choice is not always the best choice.

  6. To take a new job, of course, I had to leave my old job. While this seems, on the surface, like it ought to be the same bullet point as #3, it's not. Leaving my old office was a landmark life event - it was like leaving home for college, like leaving my family behind. I am, in truth, still struggling with the fact that I left; I miss it terribly, even six months later, but my life has since taken so many twists & turns that I cannot regret my decision. Sliding doors & all that...
    • Moral: I'm not sure yet. But I think it's that you should take risks, even when they're scary & you're comfortable where you are. Choose your own adventure.

  7. Three months after starting it, I left my new job. I never blogged about this, either, because I didn't want to go into too much detail, but it was decided by the time I wrote this post. Though I was (& remain) eternally grateful to my employers for their support & understanding, I couldn't deny that it was not the right fit - no matter how much we both wanted to make it work.
    • Moral: Follow your heart. No, really. Even when it seems illogical & completely undoable.

  8. During the Fourth of July weekend, I began dating Nathan, who I have since only blogged about informally. He's my cousin's best friend, & we met when he was still in high school but just reconnected this year. I have truly never been so happy with another person, & I'm positive that I am, in fact, capable of the kind of relationship I once doubted. 
    • Moral: Love comes to those who believe it, & that's the way it is.

  9. Jobless & soon-to-be-apartmentless, I made the decision to move back to Ohio. It was so, so difficult to leave the places & people I had come to love, & the time came sooner than I'd planned or hoped for, but I always knew I wouldn't stay in D.C. forever... & so I leapt.
    • Moral: Bon Jovi was right. You can always go home again. At least, I can. And for that, I am so very lucky.

  10. After four nerve-wracking, disheartening months of unemployment, I got a new job - with the organization I left in May! Though it's an entirely different position (consulting rather than communications) in an entirely different atmosphere (working from home rather than from an office) in an entirely different place (New Hampshire instead of D.C.), I'm confident it's a good move for me, & I can't wait to begin it - next week!
    • Moral: As my dad used to say, press on, regardless.
It's been a long year. A stressful year. A year full of equal parts laughter & tears, good luck & bad. I don't know what 2011 brings, but I dare it to give 2010 a run for its wishy-washy, John-Kerry-flip-floppy, sometimes-awesome-sometimes-awful money.
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