No Such Thing As Cabin Fever

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's -3 degrees here & we have two feet of snow & even though 75% of my recent blog posts have been about precipitation, I've made yet another list that I'd like to share with you. I call it "A Lot of Things That Are Fun to Do When The Weather Sucks." I know, I'm super-creative with the titles.
  1. Sleep in, guilt-free. I woke up at 11:30am & still felt guilty because, look, when you're unemployed, every day is a snow day, & I sleep in more than I ought to. But still. In theory, there should be no snow-day sleep guilt.

  2. Read shallow books. I borrowed L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad from a friend the other day. From its dusty spot on my bookshelf, my unread Bret Easton Ellis book is giving me the stink-eye.

  3. Turn mailboxes into PacMan.


  4. Bake scones. Why scones? I don't know. Why not scones? I'd planned to make these goat cheese & chives biscuits, but my mom beat me to the punch by making cherry walnuts scones this morning. Before I was awake. Annnnd my guilt returns.

  5. Color your hair. I read the formerly blond Lauren From Texas' post about her new red 'do & was instantly inspired to perk up my own dishwater brown locks. And when I say "dishwater brown," I mean two things: 1) My dishwater is never that brown, I swear! & 2) Approximately 25 unwelcome white hairs threaten to take over the right side of my temple. Obviously, they must be stopped. Weirdly, Luckily, my mom has about 10 boxes of hair color stockpiled in our linen closet, & because she's decided to go au naturel with her grey self, they're all mine. Hey, it was a good reason to show & dry my hair on an indoors-only day.

  6. Skype with your boyfriend. And your mom. Together. That's right, we're cute. Or should I say, Nathan is cute & my mom & I look like we haven't left the house all day. Which we haven't.

  7. Watch Hilary Duff movies. You can, of course, watch whatever movies you want, but I went with Ms. Duff's unknown 2009 work of art "According to Greta," which somehow sneaked through the Netflix recommendations that have otherwise been overrun with suggestions for my Nathan ("American Outlaws." "Taken." "Autism: The Musical"? Huh.)

  8. Take an hour-long nap. Even if you woke up circa noon. Just don't tell anyone. And definitely don't blog about it.

  9. Practice your fancy food skills. For the last two days, I've made the exact same thing for lunch. Inspired by my favorite food blogger, I like to call it Big-Kid Grilled Cheese - it's muenster, goat cheese, baby spinach, crumbled walnuts & a smear of fig jam on ciabatta & pressed in my George Foreman, panini-style. It's so delicious that I never want to eat anything else ever again, except maybe for the equally delicious bananas I've made to accompany it - sliced & sprinkled with salt & brown sugar then put in the oven for 10 minutes. You don't have to say it: I AM A CULINARY GENIUS WITH THE PALETTE OF A SOPHISTICATED 10-YEAR-OLD.

  10. Get a job. That's right, y'all, I'm makin' a little bit of cash! A college friend of mind is the editor of a local site, & she's asked me to freelance for her, so I spent a good chunk of the day my making calls & hittin' the keyboard. It's a little bit overwhelming to dust off my old reporter's cap, but I'm thankful for the chance to get some clips & to not be totally broke & to not have to work at, like, a gas station. 
Did I mention that we have two feet of snow? And that I haven't even opened that bottle of wine? I think I'm doing this whole blizzard thing wrong...


    1. Those mailboxes are awesome!!! I wish I was the person who had done that and thus could take credit for it.

    2. Kate. I adore you. That grilled cheese sounds AMAZING & LC's book are total guilty pleasures. I've read both and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited for the next one.

    3. AHHH! I love THAT someone else compares The color OF their HAIR to dishwater. Mine slightly more blonde... oh well.

      Clever list! I'm sure I'll be doing a lot of those things the month I go back home!

    4. As soon as I read about your grilled cheese, I put George Foreman Grill at the top of my list for stuff to buy when I return to Canada. Holy wow that sounds delicious!

      Also, I always feel guilty when I sleep in. I spend all week getting up at 7 to go to school and teach, and when the weekend rolls around, I still feel guilty if I sleep in past 9... I have no idea why!

    5. Those mailboxes are hilarious! :) I wish we had snow days here. I could use a break.

    6. I love everything about this list. Is it weird that I am suddenly extremely jealous of you?

      And what's with "dishwater brown," dirty blonde," etc. Can't they come up with better descriptions for ho-hum locks?


    7. Found you through 20sb and I'm loving your blog so far! The Hillary Duff movies are an excellent choice. I myself prefer trashy Lindsay Lohan ones haha

    8. I opened this blog with the intention of reading it as a how-to for "what to do when you are unemployed." Now the guilt of confusing snow days with unemployment is hitting me, but I also think my post-sleep in nap might be coming soon. Also we should skype more. love you

    9. i usually refer to my own natural hair color as "mouse brown." it does much better with some professional colorin' love.

      this is making me wish for a blizzard around here. although NOT THIS WEEKEND PLEASE, i'm trying to re-host the same party that got snowed out LAST year during the snowpocalypse and it would be NOT FUNNY AT ALL if it got snowed out 2 years in a row.

    10. Goat cheese + chive biscuits? Be still my heart. Love.

      I love the skyping too. That's adorable :)

    11. I fully support #2. That book is awesome & terrible all at the same time.

    12. Those pac-man mailboxes are awesome! I personally like finding some new show streaming on netflix and go through like 3 seasons of it.

    13. Ha!!! I loved LA candy. So silly and so fun. Like my love for gossip girl.

    14. I feel like all the books I read are guilty pleasure. Le sigh. I should be more well-read, but I'm just not. Especially when I'm not in school. ;)

    15. Thank you so much for the Twitter shoutout! I really like your blog.

      Now go read your Bret Easton Ellis.

    16. Man on man do I miss snow days. Nothing like comfort food, bad TV (and by that I mean things I love but won't admit to loving in public because I like to pretend I have some dignity), and naps while the world is transformed into a winter wonderland. We're supposed to get snow tomorrow and I'm hoping to hole up this weekend and lazy about.

      Congrats on the job!!

    17. I SO MISS Snow Days -- the sucky thing about being a grown up is I still have to show up even when the weather suuuucks. I'd much rather sleep in than almost die driving to work!

    18. That's a TON of snow. I loved being snowed in last January. I found plenty to do. It was really the perfect kind of day.

    19. Remind me...What is sleeping in again? JEALOUS!

    20. I'm so jealous of you sleeping in! I'm so not a morning person and would do anything to be able to sleep in or even take a nap! AND I'm jealous of snow days. When I went to school in Rochester (NY) we had a lot of snow days but RIT never cancelled. Not even ONCE. It drove me insane because I would've loved to have snow-no-school/work-days!


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