Suburban Emergency Preparedness

Saturday, December 11, 2010

It appears as though my local CVS does not exaaactly have a hang of the way sale prices work:

But that doesn't mean I didn't buy the wine anyway. In fact, nothing quite says "Big snowstorm's a'comin'!" like my combined CVS purchases late this evening:

Cheap wine & 12 lbs. of ice melt? Yeah, we're planning to be indoors for a stretch:

And, uh, P.S., who's making the strategic decisions behind Target's Google AdWords buys? This is one thing I do not need to buy, though I'd like to see exactly how they ship it:


  1. I heard it was supposed to snow all weekend, too! But it's just been raining here alllll day. P.s. Barefoot wine is teh best. YUM.

  2. Everything in this post was excellent.

  3. That is awesome.

    My local supermarket does the same although it covers up the original price with the new (same) sale price tag. That way you have to make the effort to CHECK that it's actually a bargain.

    Hope you don't get too badly hit by the storm.

  4. Haha, I will soon be going home to the 12-18 inches area!

    My facebook is flooded with friends rejoicing and despising the weather right now!

    I kind of digging your idea though... might need to try it in a weeks time!

  5. Oh Kate, you crack me up. Make sure you drink the wine, not the ice melty stuff!

  6. Wild! We had a heat wave -- it's been sunny and in the 70s. The things you notice... You crack me up! I'm so on the lookout now for shady "sales." I'm guessing in dodgy Las Vegas I'll find a few, now that I know to look.

  7. LOL. CVS, not surprising. But Target? I expect more from them. Come on now.

  8. That's a perfect purchase for a snowy weekend.

  9. It still trips me out that you can buy liquor at the drugstore in the States (& makes me jealous!). I like Barefoot wine - its on my rotating menu of cheap wine that I regularly buy.


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