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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine referred to his brother as "an enthusiast," someone who obsesses over certain new-found things for brief periods of time before moving along to the next bit of excitement. I instantly related with this personality trait & adopted the "enthusiast" label for myself. A good example of my enthusiasm is Thai food, namely the restaurant down the street from my first apartment in D.C. I order spicy fried rice for take-out so frequently that one day, when I called to place my order, the employee said, "Oh, the girl in the red coat!" I was mortified, & thus ended my enthusiasm for that restaurant - onto the next one!

I wanted to share with you some of the things I'm currently enthusiastic about. Be warned: They're going to severely lower your opinion of my coolness.

  • Shakti Gawain's "Creative Visualization: Meditations"
    My mom gave me this Oprah-approved meditation CD years ago, & I was bemused by the cliched "inspirational" cover art; needless to say, I never listened to it. On a whim, I recently uploaded it to my iTunes & began listening to it at night as I fall asleep. Gawain's voice is relaxing & her instructions are simple. Sure, I feel a little ridiculous imagining spheres of golden lights encompassing my body, but it's helped me slow down my late-night worry-fests & sleep a bit easier.

  • These a.n.a® Derby boots
    I've worn these every single day since Black Friday, when Nate got them for me for Christmas, with the only exceptions being days I haven't let my home. They go with everything. They are so comfortable they may as well be slippers. They look badass. And they were on sale for something like $25.

  • The Best Grilled Cheese in the World
    I blogged about my brilliant grilled cheese invention once already, but it warrants repeating. Recipe is as follows: Layer muenster cheese, goat cheese, baby spinach, crumbled walnuts & a smear of fig jam on ciabatta & press it in a George Foreman, panini-style. Rinse & repeat daily. Again: I am a culinary genius with the sophisticated palette of a 10-year-old.

  • Complete All Day UV Moisturizer
    Until last month, I'd never moisturized. I know, WHAT? I wanted to, I just didn't know, like, how. Or, more importantly, with what. My aunt turned me on to this genius Olay product, which has saved my skin from the dreaded winter itch.

  • AB Studio's Skinny Ponte Pants
    Dress pants that are basically pajamas with a button. Adulthood win. I wish they came in more colors or that I needed 10 pairs of black slacks, because I basically want to be wearing these at all times.

  • Taylor Swift's "Speak Now"
    I am only mildly ashamed to admit that I have been listening to this album on repeat for approximately three weeks. Every time it restarts, I think, "Not again, resist!" & then quickly fall prey to the temptation of this country sweetheart's sappy lyrics & catchy beatz.

  • Crest 3D White Toothpaste
    Yes, toothpaste. Though I'm not enamored of the name (I don't want my teeth, like, popping through the screen at you live-action-style), I am convinced that this toothpaste is reverting my chompers back to their God-given whiteness rather than their latte-induced yellowness. Say cheese.

    I hear you: "Come on, Kate, toothpaste & Taylor Swift? JC PENNEY? You're right: You are way less cool than I thought - a combination of my 10-year-old niece & my 90-year-old grandmother." But sometimes, folks, it's the little things that bring the big smiles. Go ahead: Tell me what makes your day.

    *Disclaimer: None of these companies asked me to write about their stuff. I just like their stuff. But if Taylor Swift asked me to write about her CD, um, I would.


    1. Love the obsession list! I made grilled cheese the other day for dinner, it was the first time I had it in what seems like forever. Tasted pretty damn good too! I bought a pair of boots from Penney's last weekend for $20 and I adore them.

    2. As soon as I read the toothpaste thing, I was like "OMG! I love that toothpaste too!" So don't feel bad about it, haha. It pretty much eliminates the need for whitening strips, which is awesome for coffee drinkers!

    3. Psh, I still think you are cool :) Love T. Swift! Nice footnote BTW haha.

    4. Love that album! Not uncool at allll, seriously. "Last Kiss" makes me a bit weepy though, which is slightly uncool when you're trying to pay for something in a shop and it comes on.. Ah well.

    5. I LOVE those boots. Hopefully they go on sale again after Christmas.

      And that grill cheese sounds delish.

    6. This was definitely amusing, but I don't think anything you wrote about is that bad. Thanks for being honest with us :) Oh, and those boots are super cute!

    7. I love those boots! Oh & I will probably try that toothpaste. I have latte teeth.

      Something that makes my day? Burt's Bees lip balm...because it actually works!

    8. The fact that you included whitening toothpaste makes my day.

      One of my favorite everyday things is probably Big Red gum.

    9. I'm super enthusiastic about peanut butter and making too much food for my friends to eat. Tonight will be the third night this week I've entertained. It's going to be delicious.

    10. Currently making my day: SunnyD (I've totally rediscovered it), the soundtrack to Valentine's Day (mediocre movie, wonderful disk, very pop-bluesy), the first season of Glee (beau got it for me for our year, and I love remembering what the characters were like in the beginning, and there are some GREAT Easter eggs for folks who know what happens in the second season)

    11. I recently described this personality problem that we share to someone and he said I have "an addictive personality." Uh, okay, but I think I like "enthusiast" better. So thank you. :)

    12. Hmmmm, those pants have me interested!! I kinda wanna join the skinny jeans craze...but I am scared. I also needs some good boots to wear with them...

    13. I love when people remember me at local establishments. In DC I would buy a thai iced tea from a place around the corner from my office almost every day. Pretty quickly I would walk in and the lady would yell to the back "thai ice tea!" and I'd give her exact change. It was awesome.

      Also, I love Taylor Swift and I want those boots.

    14. I must try that toothpaste out. I'm not sure if I want 3D teeth, either, but a whiter smile would be helpful!

      Also, those boots are CUTE! I'm not sure I could pull off the look, but I do kinda love them. :)

    15. Hmm...Sun Chips. I love Sun Chips. I literally think they are God's gift to the world.

    16. I love comfy boots. I got myself a pair just before Thanksgiving and have been living in them since. They are far more comfortable than I expected they'd be.

    17. Thanks for loving Taylor Swift! She is currently on repeat in my CD player (YES, I own a CD not a digital copy! Woot!!!) as well.


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