Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nuts to You: My Very First GIVEAWAY!

BOOYAH. That's right, I said BOOYAH, which is a word I've probably never said before. Why am I saying it now? Because I'm really excited that Oh!Nuts is sponsoring a giveaway right here at Suburban Sweetheart! Why are they doing it? Because Purim is coming, & every good Jew likes Purim - it's a holiday based in Torah & tradition that results in a celebration resembling a Mardi Gras/Halloween hybrid. The objective? Dress up & drink a lot. Umm, yes, please.

So Oh!Nuts is giving me the opportunity to increase my Jewish readers' Purim enjoyment by sponsoring this giveaway. The prize is a a $30 gift certificate to purchase any Purim gift basket that strikes your fancy on Want to win? Take note:

1) To enter, comment on this post by Tuesday, March 3, 2009 at 11:59 p.m. EST. In the comment, please include:
  • Your email address so I can contact you if you've won (& if you're not comfortable leaving it in the comment, you can email it to
  • The name of the Oh! Nuts Purim gift basket that sounds tastiest/most desirable to you (I won't tell you mine because I know how influential I can be... & I can't enter you unless you post this in the comment!)
2) I'll draw a winner out of a hat (seriously) on the morning of Wednesday, March 3, 2009.

3) I'll announce the winner here via blog post & send the lucky champ instructions on how to retrieve your Purim basket (up to $30) to start the par-tay.
So ENTER, ENTER, ENTER - and let the giveaway game begin!!!

PS: If you want a second chance to enter, pop on over to visit my friend Chavi at Kvetching Editor, where you can put your name in the proverbial/literal hat to win the same thing.

PPS: For a third & fourth chance, you can also enter by commenting on the Oh!Nuts Facebook fan page or sending a tweet to @ohnuts.

A (Chocolate!) Bacon Explosion of Our Very Own

A few weeks ago, I noticed that my local liquor store was promoting a pretty odd snack next to the cash register. Chocolate-covered bacon? Gotta be a joke. A joke that already-drunk folks purchasing more liquor would fall for.

But a few days later, one of my friends was having a particularly crummy day, & I figured I could pork perk her up by treating her to her favorite artery-clogging meat, bacon. Bacon's made quite the headlines these days, most notably when the New York Times covered the "Bacon Explosion" phenomenon. I wasn't about to weave any meat together to brighten a friend's day, but remembering the liquor store, I figured I could get the job done by pairing said artery-clogging meat with everyone's favorite comfort sweet (except mine), chocolate.

Enter Mo's Bacon Bar:

I purchased this little suckling sucker from Teaism, the local hippy-dippy tea house that serves weird things I won't eat, like bento boxes, & a few things I've tried to eat but failed miserably at, like zhengzhou pearl tea (the equivalent of sucking wet fruit snacks through a straw) & sweet potato salad (which would've been tasty had it not been covered in mysterious brown sauce).

Today, we ate the bacon bar. It was, astonishingly, not as foul as expected/hoped/worried. It tasted precisely like bacon covered in chocolate, but somehow the combination was not nearly as vile as I'd predicted it would be. In fact... we liked it. All of us - well, except for the majority of my coworkers, who weren't able to try it because they don't eat pork. Yep, one of the hazards of working with so many Jews is that you can't get much appreciation for bringing chocolate-covered bacon to the office. Them's the breaks.

But I admit it: I would eat a bacon bar again.

You know, if it weren't likely to cause an instant heart attack.

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