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Monday, February 23, 2009

Last night, I dragged my sinus infected self to Tenleytown, where my friend/coworker/former boss' Barb was hosting an Oscars viewing party at her beautiful (& beautifully decorated) condo. When I wasn't busy inhaling BBQ chips or drinking a delicious daiquiri I didn't realize was virgin, I was live-tweeting the show* from my pretentious iPhone & laughing at my friend Ben as he discovered that there are not one but TWO famous Hepburns.

During Oscar lulls (& after promises that any scene involving our beloved Zac Efron would NOT be considered "a lull"), we read off trivia questions that Barb created herself -- & that most of us couldn't answer because most people are not the pop culture fanatic/savants that she is. Prizes included a game of checkers, a book of Sudoku, a box of Blow Pops & a package of "High School Musical" stickers. I, sadly, was not a winner, possibly because I was too busy tweeting. I did, however, fill out an awards prediction sheet, although my guesses turned out to be, for the most part, horribly misconceived (I only got 12 awards rights, making me the loser of the evening!).

Because Barb's place isn't near a Metro, my friends & I called for three cabs just before Best Actor was announced. A half hour after the Oscars concluded, we were still sitting in the lobby of Barb's condo, waiting for rides - & when I called to check in on our reservation, a Diamond Cab dispatcher told me they still hadn't located any drivers who could come get us. Keep waiting? No, thanks.

So we started walking. The trek from Barb's place to mine is only about 1.6 miles, although everyone else had considerably farther to go. So we began our trudge toward home, & not five minutes in, directly following my friend Etah's observation that "It feels like we're walking into a horror movie," we spotted a deer - in the District. And then another. And then another. And they all crossed Cathedral, hopping the guardrail into some brush - in the District! I've heard tell of stray fauna wandering the Dupont area before but didn't really believe it - what is this, Ohio?!
I know you can't really see it there, but that's the third & final deer making its way back into the wild of D.C.

After 10 minutes into our walk, fed up with my increasingly runnier nose & the fact that the majority of our friends had already snagged cabs on Wisconsin, I burst into tears & refused to continue my walk home. My remaining friends were kind enough to join me in hailing a cab back to Cleveland Park, where I proceeded to collapse underneath my comforter & continue with my illness. Now, I'm hanging out with a roll of toilet paper (because I'm fresh outta Kleenex) & a few episodes of "Wife Swap," watching TV from my bed (which I NEVER do) & falling asleep intermittently.


(*If you want my Twitter handle, email me at & I'll be happy to divulge.)


  1. Hey there! I hope you feel better soon! I hate to be sick! And, wanted to let you know; April 6th; both Sean and I have an appointment with Dr. Amanda donnelly- thanks for the referral. And, I already go to Davis eye center- I am a freak about my eyes- NO ONE; I mean NO ONE goes near them or I, I need to get over that and set up a check up appointment. Maybe since I am pregnant- they may have to wait; even to prolong the agony of going.

  2. Hi!! I'm sorry I haven't commented in a LONG time - but for some reason my work firewall won't let me comment on blogs where the comments are formatted like yours (I can't comment on my other friend's blog either). It bites! lol

    Did you hear that Zac and Vanessa got engaged in Italy like this week or something? Supposedly it's a non-ring engagement, but the wedding is going to be in 2010???? Craaaazy!

    Sounds like you had a great time at the party! i love love love reading your blog - I'm living vicariously through all of your amazing adventures!!


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