My Fast Food Fling & the Return of Total Singledom

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I've got a sinus infection somethin' awful, & I'm sick enough to be blogging from bed, eating Ramen, burning incense I cannot smell & watching "Ocean's Eleven," which I've yet to successfully finish because I always fall asleep midway through. I'm also sick enough to be bored enough (follow that?) to blog twice in one day.

For a couple weeks now, I've been pseudo-seeing a guy my friends & I refer to as "Johnny Fajitas" because I originally misheard his name (& stuck with because it sounds like a Mexican fast food restaurant, which amuses us every time). This week, Johnny Fajitas was offered a job as a TV news reporter in Colorado right near the Utah border, & he'll be moving in a couple weeks. That is, in my head, roughly the geographical equivalent of his moving to Jupiter. To be sure, I say "pseudo-seeing" because he & I were certainly not on the road toward entering into some serious, extended relationship, even if he were to have stayed in the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area. But while it's not like I'm losing the love of my life here or even a potential contender (geez, this sounds cold), that doesn't mean it's not disappointing.

Furthermore, as a moderately attractive young woman who holds a degree in magazine journalism, I've seen my share of media types & feel fairly confident in saying that t
he really good thing about broadcast folk is that they're always a little bit vain because their jobs essentially just require them to be pretty. And on second thought, being vain is not necessarily a positive trait - but being pretty is, so I guess that's the really good thing about broadcast folk. Anyway, bottom line is that Johnny Fajitas is absolutely one of the better looking guys who's ever expressed interest in me (& not very vain, surprisingly), & I will certainly be sorry to see the East Coast (& my romantic life) lose such a gem.

(For the sake of not sounding like a shallow jerk,
I ought to mention that Johnny Fajitas is also quite nice,
& I hang out with him not just because of his Zoolander-ish appearance.
I legit like him.)

On an only mildly related note, writing this entry also reminds me of the time I secretly freaked out when I found out that a guy I'd gone on a couple dates with in college was secretly blogging about me. The only difference, I guess, is that he was blogging on a site he thought no one knew about (in reality, of course, I'd actually given the link to everyone I knew), writing about his undying, immediate love for me & the plans he had for our future; while I don't think my lamenting the loss of an extremely attractive pseudo-relationship really comes anywhere close to that level of creepster, I can't help but wonder whether said attractive individual would be weirded out to read this post.

So now, a few things can/might happen. One, I will consider Facebooking the Web manager at the Pew Forum who I mentioned in my last entry, but will, of course, not actually do it because THAT is creepster. Two, I will continue to have an awkward relation-/friendship with a guy who has a girlfriend he does not like. Three, I will effectively return to the life of singledom with which I am so uncomfortably comfortable, & all will be right in the world again.

Who's taking bets?


  1. You know, Colorado IS quite beautiful. If, you know, you and Mr. Fajitas were more serious :)

  2. i love the name Johnny Fajitas. Definitely a character right out of the sopranos, or A&F Pork Store across the street here. Not a 'zoolander-ish' sounding name at all. Much more character than that :)

  3. I hope you're feeling better by now! Sinus infections are so painful! Poor you!!!

    OMGosh - I have no idea what I'd feel if I found some guy blogging about me like that. It would definitely be uncomfortable!

  4. You are definitely at least moderately attractive :)

    And you're totally right about broadcasters and vanity. Print 4 life!

    chaviva: Colorado is incredibly beautiful. But have you ever been to Colorado near the Utah border? Still somewhat beautiful, but Not so hot for an urban twentysomething such as our bloggette here.


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