FML: Suburban Sweetheart-style

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today's post is done in honor of (& in the style of) my new favorite site, You heard it here first: "FML" is the new "WTF." It's also probably less controversial than my favorite woe-is-me phrase, "God hates me."
  • Yesterday, I was asked on a pseudo-date by someone I thought I'd effectively dodged for the past year & a half. FML.
  • It hasn't rained in about two weeks. Today, I broke my only remaining umbrella while it sleeted buckets on my walk back from the doctor's office. FML.
  • Today, all three of the Dupont North Metro escalators were out. The sign next to them says the project will be completed by March 20th, more than a month away. FML.
  • I spent the past three days thinking I'd lost both my digital camera & the mightily expensive mouth guard I have to sleep with to keep from grinding my teeth at night.* FML
  • Tonight, Paragon Thai accidentally gave my to-go order to someone else, so I had to wait 15 minutes while they made me a new one. FML.
  • For reasons unknown, the kee mao rice I waited an extra quarter of an hour for made me vomit - into the washbasin in the laundry room. FML.
*Don't worry. I've located at least half of this potentially misplaced duo, but just to keep my mom on her toes (hi, Mom!), I'm not saying which one is still at large.


  1. You did turn down said pseudo date right?

    I think I may need one of those mouth guards. I grind my teeth a ton...or so my wife tells me.

    Tomorrow can only be better, right? :)

  2. love the FML themed post. really, amazing.

  3. I LOVE! I can't remember how I found it, but it is so funny. It makes me feel a lot better about my life.

  4. Hahahaha, makes me feel so good about my own life. I loved your edition!

  5. Thank you for this. FML is so much more creative.

  6. yay! i love this post and your blog. i will soon adopt a pocket design for my blog too--so i can be just like you. lastly, i just put my mouth guard in. i just got it a few weeks ago and can't get over the romantic plastic case it comes in with huge black and orange letters on the front that read "NIGHT GUARD." sexy....

  7. i know this a delayed comment, and my first i believe. which is pretty sad since my friend who you only met once pretty much laid the smackdown on jackass bloggers. it is probably better she commented in the previous situation because, like you, caiti is far more eloquent than me (or is it "i"...see my point?). ANYways, i am commenting on the paragon thai fiasco. you have not had luck with them in 2009. first they give you the wrong order and forced us from your cozy apartment to get the right one and now this. for shame paragon thai. for shame.

  8. p.s. immediately after i submitted the above comment the security thing popped up...the one that asks you to type in a random series of letters. well, the word i got was "coodish" and it just sounds so inappropriate. for instance, "since my herpes outbreak my nether regions have been feeling rather coodish."

  9. I've never heard FML before! And I'm thankful you have brought it into my life...hilarious!


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