The Illness Entry: A Simple Recap & Some Not-At-All-Undercover Photos

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Although this weekend didn't start off so stellarly (I made up that word, enjoy), it certainly got better. I am, however, currently too ill to be very witty, so this post will be a simple update. Forgive me, my loves.
  • On Thursday, I participated in a focus group test with the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life that essentially amounted to an online scavenger hunt. It resulted in interacting with the Forum's very attractive Web Manager & receiving a $75 AMEX gift card as a thank-you for my participation.

  • On my way home from Pew, I located a Robek's, which is only one of the best smoothie joints to ever grace the universe. I indulged in a (healthy!) pumpkin smoothie, which sounds gross but in reality tasted exactly like autumn in a sytrofoam cup, whatever that means. And no, I have no idea why they launched such a flavor on February.

  • I found both my camera & my mouth guard (I'd already found the former by the time I wrote my "FML" post but didn't want my mom [hi, Mom!] to know I was scrambling to locate the latter). I can now go back to sleeping like a nerd, which is a relief, because I contracted some sort of massive cold/sinus infection & have been sleeping full-time today.
  • This morning, I rallied against my disgusting illness to have lunch at Urbana for Restaurant Week. You may remember Urbana as the setting of my August entry, "The Porn Star who Came to Dinner," in which I detailed my birthday encounter with adult entertainment star Sara Jay. While this afternoon's outing involved no celeb sightings of the sort, I did have an excellent waffle & a fruit salad that didn't include honeydew - & if you know me, you know these are both a big gastronomical deal.
  • In the past week, I've seen at least three women wearing these shoes, & I want it to stop. They're entirely unforgiveable.

  • My boss got a piece up on Huffington Post, which somehow just feels very baller to me.
  • Last night, I remembered how embarrassed I always am to drink at Brickskellar in Dupont, where the beer menu is a multi-page novel. Granted, its website lies when it says its got more than 1,000 kinds of beer on hand, because typically, it's only got about 1 of every 5 in stock. But that doesn't make it appropriate for me to order Miller Lite.
  • While at Brickskellar, however, I did see the following sticker affixed to the bathroom mirror. It's too blurry to tell (I was in a hurry because I didn't want anyone to walk in & see me taking cell photos in the mirror, Myspace-style), but it reads "Rabbit Liberation Society," whose existence I sadly cannot find evidence of on the Interwebs.


  1. I would have to agree with you about those shoes, not cute!

  2. I much prefer RFD over Brickskeller because they always HAVE what's on their menu. I get annoyed having to pick out 7 back-up choices when I order at Brickskeller.

    Let's talk about waffles. Have you seen Dunkin Doughnuts new waffle breakfast sandwich? It looks amazing.


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