The Triumphant Return of My Pseudo-Surreptitious Metro Photo Skills

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Look! I found an aged Legolas, riding the Metrorail in the District! Apparently he's deserted Middle Earth for a more political climate.

I'm no Lord of the Rings fan, & I had to Google the characters' names to make sure I got this one right, but come on. The resemblance here is sort of hilariously uncanny.

Also, sometimes I feel almost slightly bad for the poor, unwitting folks whose photos make it onto my blog... Almost.


  1. Heh heh he looks kinda like the guy from the porno that made its way onto the Super Bowl broadcast in Arizona.

  2. Umm, that's Christophe Lambert, not Legolas:

  3. No, it was me. I'm in town lobbying for stimulus funds for my elven brethren. We're going through some tough times right now. Please contact me if you'd be willing to join me for a lobbying session with your Representative.

  4. HAHAHA - these comments are hillarious!

    here's the thing though - I thought elves didn't age!? So how did that elf get old??

  5. No...that's Lucious Malfoy.


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