Wednesday, February 18, 2009

FML: Suburban Sweetheart-style

Today's post is done in honor of (& in the style of) my new favorite site, You heard it here first: "FML" is the new "WTF." It's also probably less controversial than my favorite woe-is-me phrase, "God hates me."
  • Yesterday, I was asked on a pseudo-date by someone I thought I'd effectively dodged for the past year & a half. FML.
  • It hasn't rained in about two weeks. Today, I broke my only remaining umbrella while it sleeted buckets on my walk back from the doctor's office. FML.
  • Today, all three of the Dupont North Metro escalators were out. The sign next to them says the project will be completed by March 20th, more than a month away. FML.
  • I spent the past three days thinking I'd lost both my digital camera & the mightily expensive mouth guard I have to sleep with to keep from grinding my teeth at night.* FML
  • Tonight, Paragon Thai accidentally gave my to-go order to someone else, so I had to wait 15 minutes while they made me a new one. FML.
  • For reasons unknown, the kee mao rice I waited an extra quarter of an hour for made me vomit - into the washbasin in the laundry room. FML.
*Don't worry. I've located at least half of this potentially misplaced duo, but just to keep my mom on her toes (hi, Mom!), I'm not saying which one is still at large.
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