Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Colors of Love

Yeah, yeah, this is my third post today. It's a Saturday, suckas, & clearly I've been on a roll with underground photography lately. This photo is one of my faves in... well, ever, maybe. Tell me these aren't the most killer pants you've ever seen? They look like Hypercolor, but they're not. Nope, they're denim. Purple to the knee, salmon on down.

Fail of the Week (Last Week, Because I'm Posting Late)

Check out that issue of US Weekly. CVS magazine rack placement fail?

A blurry zoom... I believe the word "House" is under that red rack bar someplace.


F.A.D.D. -- Frenchmen Against Drunk Driving

This sign is a pretty nice gesture on the part of Lavandou, the schmancy French joint near my apartment. I don't particularly understand, though - how can you show them your post-dinner/drinks cab receipt if you're taking the cab home from the restaurant? Am I missing something?

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