Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Triumphant Return of My Pseudo-Surreptitious Metro Photo Skills

Look! I found an aged Legolas, riding the Metrorail in the District! Apparently he's deserted Middle Earth for a more political climate.

I'm no Lord of the Rings fan, & I had to Google the characters' names to make sure I got this one right, but come on. The resemblance here is sort of hilariously uncanny.

Also, sometimes I feel almost slightly bad for the poor, unwitting folks whose photos make it onto my blog... Almost.

A Wintry Dialogue of the Gods

It's as though Mother Nature & the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority conspired against the residents & frequenters of Dupont Circle this afternoon. "Why, yes," Mother Nature told the WMATA gods in a voice literally dropping with icicles, "It will, in fact, be 16 degrees in Washington today. And actually, will report that it feels like just ONE! One, degree, hahaha." Oh, that Mother Nature is a jokester.

But the people of Washington would've been able to handle Mother Nature's tricks had the transportation gods not chosen this time to play tricks of their own.

"One degree weather?" rumbled Zeus, who doubles as the god of the Metro, which you probably don't know because they don't teach it in mythology, but of course it's true. Anyway, "One degree weather?" rumbled Zeus. "Well, this is the perfect time for the escalators & elevators to stop working! Yes, the freezing people of the District of Columbia will be absolutely screwed. Walking up & down the long escalator stairs as they hurry to catch their trains - they'll sweat & melt under under their layers! Their muscles will quiver & exhaust under the physical exertion! They'll stumble & trip over their bulky snowboots!" And then Zeus paused. "Wait? What are the good folks of Washington doing wearing snowboots when it's literally too cold to snow?"

"On second thought," Zeus said, scratching his beard (because Zeus has got to have a beard). "Never mind. Those people deserve to trip."

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