Monday, February 2, 2009

Mom Knows Best

The best thing about living away from home is the care packages!

OK, maybe not the absolute best, but they're up there. My beloved mother is notoriously crummy at sending things -- like the birthday gift my grandma bought me (my birthday's in August) that my mom tried to play off as a Chanukah gift.

But speaking of Chanukah, my mom today sent me a great & mostly unexpected little care package:

Yes, I said Chanukah - there's a package of dreidel-adorned goodie bags in there with a Post-It on it that says "for next year's Chanukah party." And in the category of Things That are Slightly More Timely, we've also got two pairs of earrings, two iPhone cases, a pair of Valentine's Day socks & a cute, nubby rainbow scarf (Post-It says "to go with your red coat") that my mom may or may not have knitted herself.


Just a Little Day Trip

Sometimes my boss says things like, "I don't know. I might have to make a trip to Kurdistan, but if not, I'm free that day," & I realize that there are very few places I could work & be as constantly amused as I am here. Who says Washington's too serious?

DC is a Wuss, Except When it Comes to This Mural

This story makes D.C. sound like the biggest whiner ever. In case you don't feel like clicking through, it says: The average temperature in D.C. last month was 30.6 degrees, while the average temp in the Windy City was 15.9 degrees. In cities throughout Maine, average ranged from 2.5 to 17.5 degrees. Ummm... why does D.C. get to be in this story at all? President Obama was right about us! And when's the rest of the snowing coming, Mother Nature? Bring it!

In other news, although I typically despise urban art, this is the best mural I've seen in... well, ever. It was painted just last month on the brick wall of Mama Ayesha's, one of the restaurants listed on yesterday's "Places to Go" list, & my crappy dark photo doesn't do it anything close to justice. It's 11 presidents (past & present!) with a little woman who I can only assume is Mama Ayesha herself, standing outside the White House with the Capitol & Washington Monument in the background. AND I LOVE ITTT.
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