Ahoy, Matey: Watching the Tall Ships Sail Into Town

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

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Here's something you may not know about me: I'm terrified of boats. I mean, looking at boats is fine, but being on the water is difficult for me. It's not so much that I'm afraid of water (I can swim!) so much as I'm afraid of what's in the water, including everything from fish to jellyfish to sharks.

Of course, there are no jelllyfish or sharks in Lake Erie, so my fear of river water is slightly less aggressive than my fear of the ocean (which is a significant, anxiety-producing fear). I did, however, have a panic attack while boating on the Potomac River, & I once vomited over the side of the ferry on the way to Put-In-Bay Island.

I am very fun, I know.
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Tell Me Your Secrets. I'll Start.

Friday, July 26, 2019

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What's your biggest "I don't often say it aloud, but eventually I'd like to..." aspiration? 

I asked this on Twitter this week & didn't get much in the way of responses - but I realized after writing it, that I wanted to expand on some of my own answers. Here are the three things at the top of my someday-I'm-gonna list - & as age 35 approaches (in just over a week, yikes!), I'm thinking of when & how to hit all of them while I'm still (relatively) young.

Time flies, right?

So here's what I want to do - if not soonish, then eventually, whenever eventually is. 
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Goin' to the Chapel: On Their 32nd Anniversary, My Aunts Got Married

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

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My Aunt Joan has been with her partner, Alvarez, for as long as I can remember. Al likes to tell the story of the first time she met me, when I was 3 ½ years old, & riding in the car with them. "I think someone is T-I-R-E-D," Al told Aunt Joan, & from the backseat, I piped up, "I'm not tired, Al!" She says it set the tone for me to grow up to become the writer I am today.

I am a little bit embarrassed to say that I didn't know they were a couple until I was, like, 14 - long past when I should've realized. I remember talking to my aunt on the phone about my then-boyfriend, a 17-year-old foreign exchange student, & saying that my mom didn't like the age difference between us. "Well, Al's a lot older than I am," she told me, "so sometimes it works out!"

It might not have worked out for me & that boyfriend, but it sure has worked out for Joan & Al, who finally tied the knot last week on their 32nd anniversary.
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If We Were Having Coffee... (An Update on Life Lately)

Monday, July 22, 2019

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I'm not one of those bloggers who's going to tart off by apologizing for not posting lately because let's be real: You haven't noticed. None of us is so obsessed with another person's blog (I hope) that we take serious note when they fall off the grid for a couple of weeks.

That said, I miss this blog. I haven't written much at all this month, out of sheer overwhelmedness & a busy schedule. Inf act, this is the longest I've gone in three years without writing in this spacer - & it doesn't feel good. I've been having a really fun, jam-packed summer, & there's so much I ant to say, to write about; I just haven't had time, & I hate that. It's like all these great blog posts are bubbling up inside me with no outlet...

I thought I'd just pop in, then, for a quick look as some of what's been going on lately. What if we were having coffee (if I had the time for it)? Here's what I'd update you on.
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10 Reasons I Love Cleveland

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

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One of the things people most often say to me is, "Wow, you really love Cleveland" - & yes, yes I do. I've wanted to live here since I first interned at Cleveland Magazine back in 2007, & although I took a roundabout way to get here - living, in between, in Maryland, D.C., New Hampshire, & New Jersey - I finally made it home, & I'm in Northeast Ohio to stay.

This month marks for fourth anniversary of living in the CLE, & I thought I'd celebrate with a list of some of the best things about my city, or, as we sometimes say here, "Cleve-land that I love."
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A Very Harry Potter Summer Event: The Cleveland Orchestra Plays "Sorcerer's Stone"

Friday, July 5, 2019

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Mike & I really like Harry Potter. Maybe you've heard? I mean, our wedding seating cards were golden snitches made of Ferrero Rocher chocolates; our Kiddush cups read "She's a Keeper" & "He's a Catch"; our pre-ceremony music was the Harry Potter soundtrack; our flowers were made of actual pages from Harry Potter books; & our special drink was apple cider & champagne, which we dubbed "Felix Felicis." 

It occurs to me now that I don't think I ever blogged about any of these things, so here's a quick look back at them for proof of our obsession love.
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6 Small Goals for July

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

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June was sort of a bust for me in that I lost track of, like, everything. This year has been hella busy. Anyone else?! I keep waiting for things to slow down & they just... never seem to.

Here's how I did on my June goals:
  1. Schedule my summer. Uhhh, I didn't really do this. Ridiculous, I know. I mean, my calendar is up to date & I've made some plans & what-not, but I never did make that summer bucket list - & at the rate things are going (which is to say so. freaking busy.) it looks like I'd have a hard time making it through such a list, anyway. Guess we're just doin' whatever feels good!  
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What I Read in June

Monday, July 1, 2019

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Whatcha readin'? June was yet another slow book month for me, even with a weekend spent in the woods. The final Harry Potter books just take forever! I did make it few a through non-HP books, though, making for a whopping total of five books. 

With this, I've read a total of 38 books in 2019, which, frankly, is really low for me - but I did promise myself I'd focus on quality over quantity this year, & I think I have. Rereading the Harry Potter series has been such a joy, & I couldn't have done it if I'd been focused only on numbers.

That said, I'm about halfway through multiple non-HP books, so I think I'll finish a bunch in the coming months. My annual goal was a mere 80 this year. I hope I can hit it!
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