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Friday, July 26, 2019

What's your biggest "I don't often say it aloud, but eventually I'd like to..." aspiration? 

I asked this on Twitter this week & didn't get much in the way of responses - but I realized after writing it, that I wanted to expand on some of my own answers. Here are the three things at the top of my someday-I'm-gonna list - & as age 35 approaches (in just over a week, yikes!), I'm thinking of when & how to hit all of them while I'm still (relatively) young.

Time flies, right?

So here's what I want to do - if not soonish, then eventually, whenever eventually is. 

1. Get certified in spinning

To be honest, I almost feel embarrassed saying (typing?) this one aloud, because it is so aspirational & far-off. Like, I am nowhere near being able to do this - not within the next year, & maybe not even within the next two years, & beyond that, am I really going to try to get certified when I'm, like, 37? That seems weird.

But look. I didn't start working out until I was 32 years old. Thirty-two years old. I waited too long - but I finally found something I love, & I am dedicated to it, & while I don't ever actually want to teach spinning, I feel like becoming certified in it would be a testament to my hard work & my commitment & my real, genuine love of this activity. Just to say I did it, you know?

2. Write a book

This has always been at the top of my "someday I will list," & strangely, it seems to have fallen further down the list in terms of my urgency or overall interest. I think I've been so consumed by writing elsewhere - for Cleveland Magazine, on my blog, for the upcoming Body Talk anthology I told you about - that writing a book seems less & less like the only or even the best way to showcase my work.

But I still want to write a book someday. I've always known, to some extent, that I will write a book someday. At some point, the time will feel write, & I will do it. It hasn't felt right yet - the timing, the subject matter, my interest level, my ability to dedicate myself to it... all of it. But I know it's coming.

3. Become a mom

I really don't like when people ask when/whether we're planning to have kids. I know that some people are very open about their parental aspirations, but for me - someone who long thought I didn't want to have kids - it just doesn't usually feel right to discuss aloud.

That said, yes: I will confirm that, indeed. I want to become a mom. Mike & I hope to become parents before I turn 40 (which gives us another half a decade) because I don't want to be an old mom - but I'd rather be an old mom than no mom at all! I'm not comfortable delving further into timelines or plans beyond that, but there you have it.


Annnnd there you have it: three things I'm hoping to do sooner rather than later. Three things I don't like to talk about for fear that I can't or won't achieve them. Three things I'm putting out into the universe - & to you, friends - so that I can name them, mark them, & work toward them.

Any "secret" aspirations you're comfortable sharing with me? I'd love to hear them - & to cheer you on! 

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