6 Small Goals for July

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

June was sort of a bust for me in that I lost track of, like, everything. This year has been hella busy. Anyone else?! I keep waiting for things to slow down & they just... never seem to.

Here's how I did on my June goals:
  1. Schedule my summer. Uhhh, I didn't really do this. Ridiculous, I know. I mean, my calendar is up to date & I've made some plans & what-not, but I never did make that summer bucket list - & at the rate things are going (which is to say so. freaking busy.) it looks like I'd have a hard time making it through such a list, anyway. Guess we're just doin' whatever feels good!  
  2. Turn in all my expense reports. Ummm, I'm marking this as done, but I didn't totally hit the mark on this one. I turned in some of my expense reports at the very last minute - like, just after the clock struck midnight on July 1st. 
  3. Work out at least 12 times. Ugh, no. I went to Harness Cycle nine times. I need to step it up this month.
  4. Show my car some love. I fiiiinally got my airbags replaced! And my oil changed! And I vacuumed it out & used wet wipes on all the surfaces, & I cleaned out the trunk, & it doesn't even seem that terrible anymore. I still want to spring for an actual detailing, but for now, my car is in pretty decent shape.  
  5. Go to the dry cleaners. Oops. Nope. 
  6. Submit an essay to a new-to-me outlet. I wrote my first piece for WISH Cleveland, an online news source for changemakers, social justice seekers and idealists in Northeast Ohio. Check out "Let There Be Dancing!" a reported news story about Dancing Wheels, the physically integrated dance company I blogged about here just days before.
OK, so maybe July will be a little bit better & a little bit less bananas? Here's hoping! My goals are...
  1. Do a "don't-spend" month: A lot of folks do no-spend months, & but it's just not for me right now. I'm not willing to sit home for a month & avoid socialization because I want to save money - but I do still want to save money. Each time I'm about to buy something but don't, I'm socking away what I would've spent, & we'll see how much I can save by the end of the month. Mike is doing it, too.
  2. Only eat out for lunch one day a week. This is only during the work week, as weekends are free-for-alls - but this will, I hope, be one of the primary ways I save money this money. 
  3. Read I Will Teach You to Be RichNoticing a theme here?! OK, I make fun of Mike for how much he loves this ridiculously named book, but he swears that it's the best book out there for learning how to change your financial habits - so I'm gonna give it a go. Really. 
  4. Plan our New England trip. We're going to Massachusetts, New Hampshire, & Maine in September, & I'm so excited to show Mike the areas I used to call home. I want to plan it out in advance (which we usually kind of suck at) so we can really make the best of our time there.
  5. Get to bed before midnight. I'm, uh, already failing at this goal for the first few days of July, but this is also really important for my overall health, so... I've got to try.
  6. Get my blood pressure reading taken three times. Speaking of health, my neurologist is worried about how my hypersomnia medication might be impacting my blood pressure, so he's asked me to get my blood pressure reading done five times before I see him again in August. Ugh. But, yes, fine. 
God, these goals are all so boring, aren't they? Adulthood is weird. I promise to be more exciting soon... maybe? Tell me what your July goals are, or how you did at your June goals, or what's going on with you - hopefully something fun & exciting, not goals about blood pressure & money.

But really, life is good. More to come. And happy July! 

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